We could tell you that Raoul writes and publishes an elite macroeconomic and investment strategy research service called the Global Macro Investor for the world’s leading hedge funds, pension funds, banks and sovereign wealth funds.

We could tell you that he’s also an advisor to government organizations and several family investment offices. Or that he has over 27 years’ experience in the financial markets working for investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and running a hedge fund for GLG Partners.

But we’d much rather tell you that Raoul is a man who spends a lot of his time on a (very) small island, wears friendship bracelets and is on a single-minded mission to revolutionize the quality of financial media and the way we consume financial media.


Grant’s knees go weak at the sign of a boarding pass.  Our gypsy co-founder has clocked up so much air mileage, in order to bring you the best interviews from the brightest minds, crossing so many time zones that even Father Time is confused.

With over 30 years in finance at a number of investment banks and brokers in locations as diverse as London, Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong, Sydney and Singapore, you can see that this guy is a serious travel bug.

When his feet are on the ground, Grant is a portfolio and strategy advisor to Vulpes Investment Management in Singapore, a regular speaker at investment conferences around the globe, and author of one of the most popular and widely-read financial publications, Things That Make You Go Hmm… investment newsletter.


He’s French, so revolution is in his blood.
Remi worked across multiple industries during a decade of disruptive web development and design.

While dueling with mainstream mediocrity, Remi also provides in-depth and wide-ranging analysis for the Global Macro Investor as Head of Research.


Damian is the one with the light bulb pinging over his head.

He’s the marketing guy.

In his previous life he worked for some of the world’s biggest advertising agencies and then became a partner in his own.

He won multiple awards, was included in the ‘The 100 Most Influential People in Media’ and even had one of his campaigns exhibited at the Tate Gallery.

After selling his agency he semi-retired to Spain where he helped launch Real Vision in 2014. He then worked on other award-winning innovation projects and created a No. 1 best-selling app before re-joining Real Vision full time as Chief Creative Officer.


Milton is the fixer, the glue, the man who makes the magic happen.

Coincidence that Damian, Raoul and Remi all met in a tiny fishing village on the Spanish coast or that a copy of Global Macro Investor mysteriously appeared on Grant’s desk in Singapore bearing a post-it note that simply read: “Seek him out”?


Milton’s fingerprints are on everything. That familiar-looking guy drinking with the Rat Pack in the bar at the Las Vegas Sands? The guy who rented his Palo Alto garage to two hairy guys called Steve in exchange for a piece of their company? Something not quite right about the awkward posture of Tank Man in Tiananmen Square? The face you can’t quite place in the first row at Kate & William’s wedding?

Uh huh…

Somebody told Che Guevara that the stove pipe hat had to go and that a beret would look much better. Somebody taught Dale Carnegie how to make friends (and influence people). Think Bezos thought to buy that first warehouse on his own? Do you reckon Elon’s next-generation diesel lawnmower would have been ‘sexy’?

Hell, if Satoshi Nakamilto had just been spelled correctly on that original white paper, maybe the mystery would already have been solved.

Now, we’re not saying Milton is that guy – that he did all those things… but we’re not saying he didn’t.

Milton is the puppet; master behind the revolution