Fourth Turning Update: The Pandemic's Impact on Demographics, the Economy, and Society

Even with birthrates slowing and rapid aging in the developed world, years like 2021 where deaths outpace new births are a huge demographic outlier. In this interview with Ed Harrison, Neil Howe, author and managing director of demographics at Hedgeye, helps viewers make sense of the outsized impact that events like this can have on demographic trends. Howe and Harrison also go further than the demographics to examine how this has impacted different generations and the key players in the Fourth Turning saga. Specifically, they examine trends around migration, housing, commercial real estate, COVID variant risk, and political polarization. Filmed on March 23, 2021.

Key Learnings: As well as accelerating and altering the trajectory of many societal trends around urbanization, housing, and migration, the pandemic has altered the entire demographic trajectory of the developed world. Although these consequences will take time to become measurable, investors need to be aware of the effects this can have going forward on the economy and the fabric of society.


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