Infrastructure As An Asset Class

What role can U.S. infrastructure have in an investment portfolio? DJ Gribbin, founder of Madrus, an infrastructure consulting firm, and senior operating partner with Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners, a private equity firm, shares the thesis behind investing in infrastructure, specifically looking at assets with high barriers to entry, constant demand, and stability over the course of decades. He provides insight into public-private partnerships (P3s) and explains the difference between governmental infrastructure such as toll roads, water systems, and airports and non-governmental infrastructure like telecommunications, pipelines, and energy. He recently served as the first Special Assistant to the President for Infrastructure, where he led the development of the Trump Administration’s $1 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. Filmed on October 28, 2020. Key learnings: Infrastructure as a new asset class has several distinct and attractive investment characteristics. This interview highlights its potential to enhance returns and mitigate risk as part of a broader portfolio as well as provide high and stable cash flows. Infrastructure investments depend on investors’ relationships with local regulators, customers, and communities.

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