Isolate then Divide: A K-Shaped Recovery Rollercoaster - Live with Peter Atwater

Managing editor, Ed Harrison, welcomes Peter Atwater, president of Financial Insyghts LLC, to discuss the K-shaped recovery, how much faith (or lack thereof) that our society has in its public institutions, and the tangible effects these sentiments have on markets. With the U.S. election currently in disarray and millions of everyday Americans struggling to make ends meet still, Atwater explains how this trickles up into the policy response — whether it be monetary or fiscal or both — as well as how this contributes to market movement and undergirds investor confidence. Harrison and Atwater dig deeper into what this disconnect between markets and the real economy means on the macro level, and they will be answering questions for Plus members throughout the session. Key Learnings: Central banks are dominating price movement across various asset classes, and their tools are much more effective in supporting large, publicly-traded companies than they are at assisting smaller enterprises. This dynamic will continue to shape markets, and understanding it and the sentiment that comes along with it is critical for investors when constructing their portfolios and hedging their risks.

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