A “Quantamental” Approach to Long/Short Investing

Published on: January 31st, 2022

Combining factor-based and stock-specific research, long/short hedge fund Aristides Capital has consistently outperformed the S&P 500 Index since its launch in 2008, limiting volatility and avoiding a single down year in the process. Founder Chris Brown discusses his unconventional journey from medical doctor in the U.S. Air Force to manager of Toledo, Ohio-based Aristides with Real Vision’s Jamie McDonald. Much like any investor who’s been able to produce these kinds of returns for such a long period of time, Brown’s performance is down to his intellectual flexibility. He shares his thoughts on portfolio construction and position sizing for shorts and longs, how he generates new ideas, and explains the development of new “quantamental” strategies to layer into his portfolio as the market evolves. You can learn more about Brown and his firm on its website: https://www.aristidescapital.com. To get a complete picture of Chris’s process, please watch the full interview: https://rvtv.io/3IOzYcQ


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