Atoms, Intelligence & Elon

Published on: August 28th, 2023

Digital innovation has brought transformation in the “world of bits”. But the physical world has lagged behind. The “world of atoms” has been in stasis and the much-desired breakthroughs in energy, transport, medicine and space travel simply haven’t materialised. Breakthroughs are pending and as they arrive, the Great Acceleration will be upon us.


  • CN
    Chris N.
    29 August 2023 @ 12:39
    Incredible report. Would it be possible see the foundational reports that talked about in the report. Chris
    • sL
      scott L.
      29 August 2023 @ 23:54
      Even if not shared, could be some great conversation topics for the RVIP Club...
    • RP
      Raoul P. | Founder
      29 August 2023 @ 16:15
      Sadly, they are part of GMI.
  • sL
    scott L.
    29 August 2023 @ 23:52
    Exceptional read. Positioning of where Tesla is has likely changed since initially written, given Tesla's recent move to "pure neural network" (per Elon's demo this past Friday), and today's launch of new AI Computing Cluster. Talk about exponential...
  • BG
    Bob G.
    30 August 2023 @ 00:46
    I struggle a bit with these reports, because there's a bit too much cheerleading and not quite enough understanding of time horizons and structural problems to overcome. That's a lot like Musk, who you seem to be promoting/channeling. Both proper estimates of time horizon and more fulsome understanding of structural and regulatory problems impact the investability and success of such trends. Longer time horizons also mean that current anticipated trends can be supplanted by new innovation (or capital prioritization) before they come to fruition. Plus in the U.S. we have too many Boomers still in charge, so every innovation is met by knee-jerk distrust and desire to regulate. That being said, long-haul fair-weather trucking, high volume warehousing, and automated industrial crop farming are among the likeliest medium-term areas of high impact. The "supernetwork" by contrast fails to consider structural problems. Any such development will be significantly hampered because unlike the internet there is no single public, open-source infrastructure - it's all being designed and built by competing and incompatible private interests. Electric vehicles still don't have a common charging connector, for goodness sake! Getting multiple, proprietary AI and automations to talk to each other are many, many orders of magnitude harder than that. The likely mid- to longer-term outcome is a wide mix of incompatible, proprietary systems slowly consolidating into a duopoly in the long term (and maybe multiple duopolies by global region). If the internet had developed this way, there'd be an AT&T internet and a Verizon internet and a Sprint internet and a few European players and none of them would talk to each other easily, until eventually anti-trust or regulatory intervention forced it. Even then, high-quality cross-network communication through bridges would suffer from security and other problems. (It's similar in crypto right now, to point out another good example). The development of the internet was an outlier, being built by scientists and engineers as public, open infrastructure and protocols. That accelerates development and economic impact, but it's rare.
  • AM
    Aengus M.
    31 August 2023 @ 10:14
    Am I stupid? I cant find this book: "Great Acceleration foreseen in Tyler Cowen’s 2020 book of the same name" Does anyone have a link?
    • mc
      mark c.
      4 September 2023 @ 13:24
      juilian used AI to write that quote and it was ..... but his insight into elon's move to a 700w vision system for the robot is spot on. optimus can carry only a small battery.
  • WM
    Will M.
    2 September 2023 @ 16:12
    I am on board with the vision! The problem I have is the timing as the geopolitical world seems intent on taking us a few steps back in the short to medium term. Sure it wont Stop the technology and it certainly wont Stop the robotics, but it feels like it all depends on the governments being able to get away with electronically printing more debt to fund the welfare state commitments. I currently await the..... MOAR COWBELL predicted by Raoul to occur by end year or 1Q 2024 as I do believe it would usher in another round of asset price rises. However, the US Debt is now clearly on exponent territory, even when viewed over 20 years rather than the obvious post 1970 trajectory. How can this continue? We all know that US debt is likely going to hit $50 Trillion post the next big government giveaways over the next 2-3 years. Yet few seem to care and just as not that long ago some famous character said "deficits don't matter" we now have folks saying "debt doesn't matter". IF we get any serious market dislocation I will definitely be investing in robotics for the long term though. Other tech / AI investments will be considered. For the moment I remain a heavy investor in gold, silver and miners.......
    • mc
      mark c.
      4 September 2023 @ 13:38
      full disclosure--- still hold-SLV,SRUUF,FNV
    • mc
      mark c.
      4 September 2023 @ 13:29
      the robots will dig up all the nesssary gold for pennies. get out now.
  • RR
    Raj R.
    24 October 2023 @ 15:34
    Tome will tell