Published on: September 14th, 2021

Gigantic buying of equities; budget deficits off the scale; Central Banks pondering tapering but muddled and indecisive; inflation not just sticky but still rising; politics and geopolitics in flux… but everything stable! Julian’s tempered bullishness is fading fast. Prepare for more volatility in Q4.


  • LM
    Lawrence M.
    16 September 2021 @ 01:20
    I just wanted to throw out a thanks for explaining how to place the trade recommendation, and giving an option for those of us that can't trade the indices. When MI was first offered, it was offered to all levels of experience. However, unfortunately, In the past, I ran into some issues taking action on ideas and lost the opportunity because I didn't understand (or know how to) implement the idea. I recall this happening on euro dollar futures for me, it was was one of Raul's recommendations before the Covid meltdown,... man I could of made some money had I understood how to play that and/or was given another option. In this case, had you just said buy a 25 delta strangle, I would have struggled. I know it's option lingo, but some of us may not have known where to find/calc the delta, and/or what an strangle is. So....a BIG thanks for such a clear and actionable recommendation!!
    • HM
      Harry M. | Real Vision
      25 September 2021 @ 15:39
      Diana, can you send me your email address. Perhaps I can clarify some of this for you?
  • DD
    Donal D.
    16 September 2021 @ 02:19
    Just wondering why VGK would be a good proxy for the DAX given it only has a 14% weighting in German stocks. The weightings for other markets like the UK and Switzerland seem higher based on the holding list I saw.
    • DD
      Donal D.
      16 September 2021 @ 04:50
      Sorry may have answered my own question in that I found an ETF that tracks the DAX ticker "DAX" however its small only $45MM in AUM versus $27TL for VGK and given its small size there is no option market. So if you need to go down the ETF route then seems VGK is the only viable option
  • AK
    Alexander K.
    16 September 2021 @ 09:22
    Excellent report - thank you Julian.
  • JH
    Joseph H.
    16 September 2021 @ 21:28
    I always learn macro and vocabulary in your reports. Great info thank you Julian