Consequences of China’s Real Estate Bubble Burst

Published on: October 28th, 2021

Paul Hodges, chairman of New Normal Consulting, asserts that many are still blissfully unaware of just how big China’s real estate bubble is. The burst of that bubble, which may be underway, is risking a “Minsky moment,” much like what Americans saw in 2008. Looking back at the U.S. subprime of 2008, Hodges predicts that a domino effect of primary, secondary, and tertiary problems will reverberate globally. He also explores how the explosive run-up in energy prices highlights the need for energy resilience, which he believes will accelerate the transition to renewables. The U.S., EU, and China are poised to be able to work together towards Net Zero, but will they put their heads together, coordinate policy, and use teamwork to make the dream work? Hodges joins Real Vision Live on Thursday, October 28th to discuss all these things and more:


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