Crypto Hell Week

Published on: May 12th, 2022

Weeks like this feel like an eternity in crypto given all that’s happened over the last several days. The massive unwind of Terra’s UST peg, and the collapse of LUNA’s value, has exacerbated bearish sentiment and downward pressure on crypto more broadly. In general, macro headwinds have taken hold of this market and show little signs of lightening up, at least until incoming inflation prints weaken considerably. Equities continue to get pummeled with the Nasdaq 100 rapidly approaching its largest drawdown from a 52-week high since March 2020 (which was the largest drawdown since the GFC).


  • MS
    Malcolm S.
    14 May 2022 @ 17:43
    Dear Delphi & RealVision - during this bear market, I would like your fundamental analysis of promising projects - this may be the only saving grace for us subscribers of CryptoPro since (as mentioned in the comments of previous videos) there seem to be many of us who are not getting what we thought we were getting i.e. actionable and timely insights to help preserve and grow capital similar to MacroPro subscriber service. The service offering needs to be rethought. RV subscribers - upvote if you agree.
    • JH
      Jamie H.
      16 May 2022 @ 16:36
      Have to agree, as much as the analysis has been top tier, people I follow on Twitter and YT have provided me more actionable trades and a view on various trading systems that I can use in my investment planning.
    • GL
      Gene L.
      16 May 2022 @ 15:09
      I echo what Malcolm and Michael have written here. Chances are, if we're Realvision subscribers, we already know what's going on with macro (e.g. BTC is correlated with risk assets... and we're in a risk-off environment now). We probably also know how to draw correlation charts between the USD and BTC. From these perspectives, there's hardly any value-add from this piece, although it's a welcome update to corroborate what we already know. Aside deep insights into projects in plain English with actionable outcomes, can we have more thought-provoking/ food-for-thought content? If anything the recent crypto-wreck has taught us, it's that the community probably do not fully understand the vulnerabilities of certain projects (e.g. LUNA) or fully appreciate risks in the broader crypto space. At this price point, my expectation is to gain domain knowledge and expertise, and to accelerate my learning to build my own framework and convictions because I perceive Twitter/YouTube/ other sources to be too noisy. Some acknowledgement that our comments are heard would be good.
    • MM
      Michael M.
      15 May 2022 @ 19:54
      I agree with Malcom... and add that although analysis of "what's happened/happening" may be interesting, we subscribe to ProCrypto for insights that provide a direction -- in plain English -- for capitalizing on the current environment. -More- information is not helpful; rather, what we need is the distillation of all that information and analysis thru expert knowledge of the market to arrive at "here's what it means and what you should do to benefit from it."
  • EC
    Edward C.
    25 May 2022 @ 12:30
    Anyone from RV / Delphi going to address the below from Malcolm?