Crypto Market Report, Part 1: Time to Buckle Up

Published on: November 22nd, 2021

With crypto markets’ continued volatility, today we bring you a special two-parter from our friends at Delphi Digital, Kevin Kelly and Ashwath Balakrishnan. First up, this report that gives a deep-dive, chart-filled view on the crypto markets, DeFi, institutional flows, macro context and more. This incredibly valuable piece of Delphi Digital research was originally published on October 14, so is best accompanied by a chaser of their update from November 18 – which they have also agreed to share with Real Vision Pro and Plus members. Available here:


  • SR
    Stefan R.
    22 November 2021 @ 21:58
    Hello! I am a plus subscriber but I am unable to access the report
  • AS
    Andrew S.
    22 November 2021 @ 21:58
    I have the RV Plus membership but I'm not able to download this report. It simply says an RV Plus membership is required. Does anyone else have this issue?
    • AT
      Anthony T.
      23 November 2021 @ 06:40
      You have to make sure you re signed in, which doesn't always happen automatically...
    • LT
      Lisa T.
      22 November 2021 @ 23:35
      I'm having the same problem.
    • AS
      Andrew S.
      22 November 2021 @ 22:21
      Great, it is working now. Thanks!
  • jj
    joel j.
    22 November 2021 @ 23:24
    Im a plus member but cant get access
  • LB
    LUIS B.
    23 November 2021 @ 15:33
    There seems to be an issue, it is not open for pro members
  • LS
    Lewis S.
    26 November 2021 @ 18:34
    Same issue. Download keeps failing.
  • MN
    Mahesh N.
    8 December 2021 @ 04:43
    Please make the report background in white because the black background is not printer friendly, it sucks the ink from my toner within few reports. Please make it printer-friendly. Thanks
  • AF
    Anthony F.
    30 December 2021 @ 15:10
    Great Report!