Dawn of the Guilds: Settlers of the Metaverse

Published on: December 16th, 2021

The blockchain gaming sector and its key players have experienced a meteoric rise this year, leading to growing investor appetite for exposure to these new virtual economies. But when it’s moving so fast, how do you get a grasp on it? In this report from Delphi Digital’s Piers Kicks and Jayden Andrew, Pro Crypto members get an in-depth look at the crypto-gaming map, where it’s all going, and where the investable ideas are.


  • TS
    TJ S.
    20 December 2021 @ 13:10
    Great content .. thank you. Question about the YGG subdao's .... it states that they will have specific tokens assoc with them. Does that mean that the YGG Axie SubDao will have a token separate from AXS itself ?
  • AW
    Agus W.
    21 December 2021 @ 01:02
    Hi, anyone can help to let me know if its possible to flip the background to white and font to black so we can print this without using all the black ink on my printer?
    • AP
      Arianne P.
      21 December 2021 @ 09:02
      Hi Agus, It's a little bit fiddly but you can save the document as a .pdf file. Locate the document in windows explorer, right-click on the file, and 'open with' MS Word (yes a .pdf will open in word, however you may lose some of the formattings). From the word document, you can then change the background and font colors. Hope this helps...
  • JJ
    Jay J.
    21 December 2021 @ 17:05
    Extremely informative, great content
  • Cq
    Cheng q.
    25 December 2021 @ 11:23
    Hi RV team. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Looking forward to chatting with everyone at the discord. when would it be open?
  • TY
    Thomas Y.
    30 December 2021 @ 07:52
    Hello, everything I am reading and watching here is really stretching my thinking!! Really looking forward to spending time with the community and just living and breathing this space!
  • MJ
    Marius J.
    19 January 2022 @ 03:49
    Great article, as one Real Vision Pro Crypto member how can I keep updated on changes in this recommendation from Delphi Digital?
  • ND
    Nick D.
    21 January 2022 @ 01:34
    It would be fantastic if we could have the 'web page' view for these reports like Delphi has: https://members.delphidigital.io/reports/dawn-of-the-guilds-settlers-of-the-metaverse/ as it's so much easier to read to change the size of the font and make it 2022 friendly versus a PDF that you have to squint and work really hard to read it. Possible we could move towards a webpage view of the content instead of PDF? Thankyou guys for your work