Decentralized Derivatives Landscape Reevaluated

Published on: June 9th, 2022

This month’s Pro Crypto Deep Dive explores the young but rapidly growing decentralized derivatives landscape. While decentralized derivatives have grown 10x from one year ago, they still only represent 2% of crypto futures trading. Can decentralized derivative exchanges compete with the superior user experience, speed, and composability of their centralized counterparts? And if so, what models and decentralized futures markets might emerge as big winners? Find out now… After reading the report, jump in Discord and share your thoughts with the community…!


  • MS
    Michael S.
    9 June 2022 @ 19:11
    I need dumbed down simple and short versions of this stuff that give me an idea of where to invest my money. That is what I was hoping for in all of this.
    • MS
      Malcolm S.
      14 June 2022 @ 02:10
      Unfortunately, it seems this was just another revenue stream for existing Delphi institutional research content sold under the RV banner. Very disappointed. I understand not wanting to make specific coin predictions but more general (not rocket science) guidance could have been given e.g. this year was going to be a risky macro environment (it was clear to everyone with a macro lens) and to be cautious (i.e. stay mainly in cash or short) even though it would be short term negative for the price action of the space (and their business - they are invested in multiple projects, but maybe that is where the conflict of interest is), they would have gained loyal subscribers who would then helped grow and market the service offering. Instead we all feel like we've been "rugged" (i.e. rug pulled): - Annual subscription: $3,500. - No. of Pro Crypto subscribers = approx. 5,500. - Total = approx. $20 Million. This is not a dig at RV or Delphi, but I would love to know what all this money went to.
    • GD
      Graham D.
      10 June 2022 @ 12:08
      My feelings exactly. Who has the time or energy to get on top of reports like this and if you do make the effort, what's the point? If there's been anything actionable on Pro Crypto then I've missed it. The kind of thing that would make this service worth it would have been a Flash Update warning us in advance about the risks with Luna. Why didn't Delphi see that coming and warn us?
  • kc
    kirk c.
    9 June 2022 @ 21:27
    32 pages and I am more confused now than before.
    • MS
      Michael S.
      9 June 2022 @ 22:14
      I received an email from Real Vision wondering why I stopped visiting. That's the reason right there. I don't have time to waste on stuff like this that makes absolutely no sense to me nor benefits my financial future.
  • PK
    Paul K.
    10 June 2022 @ 08:59
    So the best investment is DYDX v4 because the tokenomics are better by accruing value back to holders?
  • PK
    Peeter K.
    21 June 2022 @ 19:13
    So I guess it is too early to tell what will happen in that landscape... Delphi should give us updates on these deep dives as things unfold.