Deep Dive – December 2019

Published on: December 27th, 2019

Raoul sees only limited relief from temporarily rising forward looking indicators. Not least because some of the year-on-year comparisons are measured against the angst of December 2018.


  • JK
    John K.
    28 December 2019 @ 16:10
    Excellent report, Raoul. Will you be releasing a flash update on your Eurodollar positioning moving forward? Is it too soon to take positions now? Thank you, sir.
    • LO
      Leonard O.
      15 January 2020 @ 15:15
      Yes sir. Please refresh your view on ED! Itching to pull the trigger
    • JD
      Jeremy D.
      29 December 2019 @ 17:21
      Same.. This has me looking to finally jump in to ED.
  • se
    scott e.
    7 January 2020 @ 17:21
    Raoul , Those facts and figures tell a story but thats surely only part of it? There is still so much liquidity in global markets with central bank interventions so whats to stop this continuing? it not also worth looking at the consumer side of things here too, as thats a huge part of the economy... the US consumer is not debt burdened with increased levels of savings where near recessionary levels yet. Inflationary pressures might be building but at historically low levels and unemployment also historical low. No problem on Main Street as yet ? Thanks