Deleveraging, Volatility & Mixed Market Signals

Published on: November 22nd, 2021

With the price of Bitcoin continuing to drift below $60k, it’s time to look past the headlines to see what the charts and macro outlook are really telling us… And that’s when you need quality institutional-grade research. This 29-page report from Delphi Digital’s Kevin Kelly and Ashwath Balakrishnan digs into both the long and short-term outlook for Bitcoin, Ether and more… features charts of bitcoin vs emerging markets currencies, gold, Treasuries, and others… and talks about why “we may be in for an interesting finale to round out an already crazy year.” And as for the global recovery? “The only certainty is continued uncertainty,” write Kelly and Balakrishnan, later adding, “One thing’s for sure: the wild world of macro and markets looks like it’s about to heat up.” Published November 18.


  • GM
    Gene M.
    23 November 2021 @ 18:32
    Thanks for the well-reasoned, detailed analysis. Very useful.
  • CL
    Carla L.
    24 November 2021 @ 02:18
    Thank you so much, I really enjoyed reading both of the Delphi Digital reports. I learned a lot. I really appreciate how the information is presented - very logical, detailed and well explained.
  • ES
    Eric S.
    24 November 2021 @ 02:53
    Any idea what level of Delphi Digital Subscription would receive this type of report?
    • LL
      Ludovico L.
      25 November 2021 @ 09:40
      Curious also, it's not clear which tier this type of report comes under for DD subscription - Pro or other tier?