Frax Wants BTC, and Squads Hits a Milestone

Published on: April 25th, 2022

This was a busy week full of big DAO proposals… Here’s a taste of what’s inside, Frax Finance voted to participate in the Citadel DAO launch event. Citadel is a Badger sub-DAO. The goal of Citadel is to accumulate the biggest community governed BTC treasury. The BTC treasury will be governed by CTDL holders. Frax has voted to spend $11m in FRAX and FXS, and $2m in FXS bribes for 523,809 CTDL. Citadel DAO will use the FXS and FRAX for liquidity in the Curve BTC/4pool. For all the details on this and many more proposals, give this week’s DAO Insights a read.


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