Generative Art Takes Off

Published on: July 20th, 2022

Sitting at the intersection of technology and culture is NFT generative art, an eclectic mix of art and algorithms. Delphi’s Teng Yan is our expert guide through this bold and exciting digital landscape, highlighting the leading platforms to peruse and purchase pieces such as Art Blocks, GEN.ART, and fxhash and some of the most creative and in-demand artists of this genre. He closes with an uplifting thought: “Generative art as a whole has the huge potential to grow into one of the defining art movements of the 21st century.” Join us in the Pro Crypto Discord to share your thoughts.


  • DT
    Daniel T.
    22 July 2022 @ 00:19
    Deep dive man. Cheers, good work
  • JY
    Jim Y.
    24 July 2022 @ 14:05
    Good writeup but could use more technical detail. The article mentions technical factors as the second most important determinant in value. What are some examples of good generative art algorithms?