Ghosts of Cycles Past — New Cycle Early Innings?

Published on: August 14th, 2023

As with macro, studying past crypto market cycles is a valuable exercise. It offers an idea of where we are in the current cycle and, more importantly, what the future holds. This month, the Delphi team explores crypto market cycles, answering why they believe we’re in the early stages of a new cycle, and offering a few high-conviction ideas to capitalize on the opportunities they believe lie ahead. What are your thoughts? Share them in the Pro Crypto Discord.


  • MH
    Marty H.
    15 August 2023 @ 00:16
    Nice balance. Very informative Chart Book. I found the business case for SOL to be compelling and understandable for a relatively non-technical person. Prior to reading, I had a positive view of SOL, but this provided additional support for that view. Also helpful to have insight into Telegram bots, which I have just started hearing about.
  • MJ
    Marius J.
    15 August 2023 @ 18:39
    Big thanks for providing research like this, extremely helpful. Also, can RVPC do a deep dive on Solana based on this analysis? A discussion, on both sides, would help to get a deeper understanding on what is developing. Reading is good but a discussion helps to go much deeper.
  • JD
    Joel D.
    16 August 2023 @ 13:54
    I really enjoyed this report - it was very informative and digestible for a non-crypto native! I especially like how they didn't spend loads of time on the traditional macro set-up, which they have done in past reports...