In Focus Trade Portfolio – July 4, 2019

Published on: July 5th, 2019

Following feedback from you, our subscribers, we have decided to add a new piece to the Macro Insider stable, which will include a table of outstanding recommendations, to be updated on the last business day of each month. We have decided to do this to make it easier to track the explicit, actionable and recommended investment conclusions as distinct from observations and comments about the general investment framework. In so doing we want you to be able to track the success or failure of specific trade ideas. Trade recommendations will come either in In Focus or in Flash Updates going forward. This publication is your ‘go-to’ to view a summary of trade recommendations proposed by Julian and Raoul in their respective In Focus pieces.


  • DM
    Doug M.
    5 July 2019 @ 19:12
    Thanks for this clarity. It will be much more beneficial in this format.
  • JS
    John S.
    5 July 2019 @ 22:02
  • SS
    Shanthi S.
    6 July 2019 @ 04:36
    This is awesome!! Thank you both.
  • JW
    Joel W.
    6 July 2019 @ 14:49
    Very helpful; thank you.
  • WM
    William M.
    7 July 2019 @ 14:52
    Thanks, clear record.
  • AT
    Arun T.
    7 July 2019 @ 16:35
    Thank you. This is awesome. Do have a query though - are the returns carry adjusted? The sell ADXY for instance
  • DB
    Daniel B.
    8 July 2019 @ 03:16
    Great addition
  • SS
    Steve S.
    8 July 2019 @ 03:49
    This is a HUGE help! Great addition
  • FK
    Firoze K.
    8 July 2019 @ 07:00
    This is great thank you! Any chance you can add the stops/exits too?
  • TB
    Tim B.
    9 July 2019 @ 16:34
    Thanks for listening
  • MB
    Michael B.
    11 July 2019 @ 18:53
    Raoul, I believe you recommended gold and gdx? (at the same time as bitcoin and uup put..)
  • SS
    Stephen S.
    21 July 2019 @ 18:05
    According to this Raoul never recommended TLT. I thought he did. Did I misunderstand? Thanks.
  • ID
    IGOR D.
    28 July 2019 @ 07:31
    Thanks for listening, this is great!