In Focus Trade Portfolio – November 1st, 2021

Published on: November 1st, 2021

This publication is your ‘go-to’ to view a summary of trade recommendations proposed by Julian and Raoul in their respective In Focus pieces. Each month, we update the performance of these trade recommendations, adding and removing trades as per the advice given in any In Focus publication or Flash Update.


  • JR
    Jason R.
    1 November 2021 @ 17:36
    FYI...some of the current prices showcased are not accurate. For those of us that have been following Raoul and Julian for a while and get these regularly, may not matter as much. But for new subscribers, this may be a bit puzzling. Suggest that these get updated accurately as of the date released.
    • AH
      Anthony H.
      27 November 2021 @ 05:59
      I would love @Harry if there can be some sizing for each position as well, not just for us to copy but to understand how they do position sizing as a % of their portfolio.
    • AA
      Arthurs A.
      7 November 2021 @ 05:55
      A pie chart?! lol Jesus guys come on really?
    • HM
      Harry M. | Real Vision
      2 November 2021 @ 17:16
      And for what its worth, I totally agree. There is no excuse for sloppy editing. We should tighten this up.
    • HM
      Harry M. | Real Vision
      2 November 2021 @ 17:15
      Wouldnt a pie chart require sizing for each position? I think we have some indicative sizing but its not really a full "model portfolio". So is the idea that we should move to a model portfolio? The downside of that is you can remove discretion in a way which is almost dangerous. We dont want investors to slavishly follow the trades. Its a recipe for disaster. We want to give people a list of nice ideas which they can utilize as suits their experience and circumstances. But always open to your thoughts on how we can best help clients. What would work best for you?
    • JC
      Joao C.
      1 November 2021 @ 20:12
      Not only that, is the minimum we can ask for a paid service. To be updated. It would be nice also to see the pie chart of the portfolio positions.
  • JG
    John G.
    1 November 2021 @ 22:55
    What’s with the incorrect prices? It’s easy to weave a narrative if you make up your own pricing as you go along!!!
    • AT
      Alexey T.
      5 November 2021 @ 22:05
      I think it all depends on what you think RV is for you. I like listening to videos "In Focus", so it helps to learn how experienced macro investors think of the market, basically live (1 month is a real-time for macro). At the same time I don't use the report as an investment advise. And I think no-one really should. In that sense one shouldn't really care about the exact price levels in the report.
    • EC
      Edward C.
      3 November 2021 @ 07:23
      Ah Harry, now you have me between a rock and a hard place! We people are so much better at tearing down than building. I suppose the main point is where were the calls actually trading. I didn't fact check the px history of the calls, but if I recall correctly, there were some thoughts around this community that the prices in the Flash Update were stale. i.e. ETH and BTC px's in the report were well below the current screen levels at time of release. So the calls may have been well higher on move of underlying and not just/only the bid in volatility than Raoul may/may not have instigated/inspired. It was alluded in the comments that this was due to the piece going out to GMI clients ahead of MI clients. Now, to be clear, I have no personal concerns with that. GMI clients pay a higher premium for content. Same as we expect to have Raoul's trade ideas here, before they may hit broader community/podcasts. So totally agree, given the volatility, it is quite difficult to strike a reference price. Also, I have no insight on how the report is being put together on the RV end. However, I would hope that there could be someone on the RV side, whom on the day of release of trade ideas, could do a quick look at current screen prices to give some context. I don't know....there is no right answer. If you deviate away from Raoul's / Julian's specific reference prices, it is sure to become messy. Won't be able to please all of the people all the time!
    • HM
      Harry M. | Real Vision
      2 November 2021 @ 17:12
      I think you have a point. But prices are moving constantly so the question is what rule should be used? Cant be closing price on day of publication cos we dont know that at the point of publication. Any thoughts?
    • EC
      Edward C.
      2 November 2021 @ 07:26
      Also, I'm a massive fan of this product as well as Raoul and Julian, but calling the entry price on the ETH calls as 167 is just way out of bounds. By the time Marco Insiders had the trade idea, the market had moved significantly.
  • Jo
    Jim o.
    2 November 2021 @ 15:22
    Unfortunately, I am in the USA and so I was unable to buy any calls on Derbit. As Raoul pointed out in his note, US investors can buy ETH calls on LedgerX. Unfortunately, LedgerX does not have the $15,000 Mar 2022 strike. I ended up buying ETH $10,000 Mar 2022 calls at an average entry price of $795. The current bid is $920. I'll probably sell these at least a month prior to expiration and maybe buy some Jun 2022 calls, depending on what happens to ETH between now and then.
  • TE
    Tom E.
    3 November 2021 @ 06:09
    Very unclear what “current prices” means when Raoul’s porrfolio shows ETH at 3,300 and BTC at c.45k! That’s not even a week off.
    • Dd
      David d.
      4 November 2021 @ 03:18
      very sloppy... this level of sloppiness with the incorrect prices of BTC and ETH shows a complete disregard for subs.
  • GC
    Gaetan C.
    3 November 2021 @ 09:36
    Hi RV, thank you for your report. I have some questions about this is one : 1. "Buy Chiliz / 0.36 / 22.78% / 0.268". The % since inception according to your data is -25,56%, how should i interpreted this indicator ? 2. Raoul declared on twitter that he bougth some MANA and some SAND but they do not appear on your report, why ? 3. It is possible to have your macro vison, i mean your target by market cap for each of your crypto trades ? Best regards, Gaëtan
  • OG
    O G.
    6 November 2021 @ 00:30
    Hi, Do I interpret the report correctly that on Julian's side there's currently no recommendation? That's OK - just wanted to be sure. Thanks!
    • JL
      J L.
      11 November 2021 @ 15:11
      there are recommendations at the bottom of the last report