Is This The Golden Age of Event-Driven Strategies?

Published on: July 14th, 2022

Even in bear markets, when everyone is fearing recession, there is opportunity. Just ask Harris Kupperman, who believes now is the golden age for global macro guys who thrive amid volatility. The founder and president of Praetorian Capital knows how to identify the cycles and idiosyncrasies that create outsized opportunities. Event-driven strategies, he argues, are made for a rapidly changing world – particularly one that’s transitioning out of a “hocus pocus” bubble and nearing the end of globalization. To see Stephen Clapham’s, interview with Kupperman please visit our video section. You can also learn about Kuppy’s Event Driven Monitor in this promotional offer at


  • JJ
    Jay J.
    14 July 2022 @ 16:35
    This is another example of people shilling their services, kedm publishes great reports every week and its really good work but why this 2 werks old? If RV is going to bring people on to plug their newsletters at least make sure they’re up to date. If im to keep paying for RV and these people are going to keep appreaing on RV and having access to thousands of members they should have to bring up to date work and come back and be held accoutable to what they said, right or wrong, in profit or loss
  • SS
    Steven S.
    16 March 2023 @ 00:07
    Love Kuppy. Good guy who is always sharing his ideas and helping other. More of a sample.