Liquidity Runs the World

Published on: August 5th, 2022

Most assets markets — including crypto — are driven by macro factors. While many actors point to the worst being behind us, we are still waiting on arguably the most important one — the signal of a macro trend reversal. In this month’s Deep Dive, the Delphi team unpacks where we are now, where we may be heading and what potential risks stand between us and a renewed bull run. Share your thoughts with the community in the Pro Crypto Discord.


  • ZD
    ZENO D.
    6 August 2022 @ 16:01
    Well done
  • MM
    Miro M.
    6 August 2022 @ 22:22
    great report guys
  • YC
    Yi C.
    7 August 2022 @ 06:20
    This one is done right! Thanks for the great report.
  • AA
    Amber A.
    7 August 2022 @ 17:47
    Beautiful report! I got so much insight from the relationships between different assets and trends. The last two deep dives been very helpful, this is my favorite so far.
  • RP
    Raoul P. | Founder
    8 August 2022 @ 13:53
    Excellent report.
  • ac
    adam c.
    9 August 2022 @ 09:18
    That was a very clear and beautiful report thank you