One Tick at a Time

Published on: June 15th, 2020

Whilst Asia and Europe are generally reopening with slowly improving statistics, the US continues to trend in many states, raising the likelihood of a second wave sooner rather than later. For the past nearly three months, we have been focusing on reporting the economic data impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak. The lag between current data and released data is creating a gap in the short-term narrative, so we have decided to switch to looking at alternative data sources to get a real sense of economic activity on a weekly basis. We will use economic data from time to time to help explain the narrative as necessary.


  • wj
    wiktor j.
    15 June 2020 @ 19:37
    Anyone know which Coorp. bonds the fed will be buying?
  • JW
    Joel W.
    15 June 2020 @ 21:06
    I see what you did there...”truck activity suggesting a pick-up”.....
    • HM
      Harry M. | Real Vision
      21 June 2020 @ 20:03
      I liked it very much as well. Im a sucker for a good pun.
  • ED
    Edward D.
    15 June 2020 @ 21:30
    Charts with limited explanation of data displayed is not helpful.
  • BF
    Brad F.
    16 June 2020 @ 07:01
    Remi noted on Twitter that July 4th is a good date to watch for the second wave to start doing damage, could be an interesting tailwind for Julian's latest trade recommendation.
    • RT
      Remi T. | Founder
      17 June 2020 @ 09:46
      Correct, because we should start to see the compounding effect of early oppening and protests.
  • JF
    Jonathan F.
    21 June 2020 @ 17:09
    Curious... on page 16, how does US Electricity demand compare to 2019? A secondary timeline of 2019 on this graph could tell nice story. I'm interested in the residential vs commercial electrical demand. How has WFH affected NET electrical demand? NET demand and the specific mix of commercial vs residential electrical demand seems to be a good indicator for utilities and commercial real estate. Utilities have to be hurting because they can't be generating the DEMAND Fees they are used to and need. I hear about TVA and other large utilities subsidizing SARs_CoV-2 indoor air quality solutions like Bi-polar Ionization to get buildings occupied to regain the commercial electrical load and demand.