Pro Crypto AMA TLDR – February 28, 2022

Published on: February 28th, 2022

This discussion with Delphi Digital provided some powerful insights that touched on every aspect of the crypto landscape. The conversation was driven by a bunch of insightful questions submitted by the Pro Crypto Community beforehand. Much of the discussion was built on topics covered in some of Pro Crypto’s research reports, from Celestia and Data Availability, to the Cosmos Ecosystem, Osmosis and Terra’s outlook. It also touched on a few new topics such as: what caused DeFi Winter and the Ronin sidechain. This TLDR will summarize the main points of the discussion, link to some valuable resources, and break down some of the more complex terminology. We’ve edited the comments from the Delphi Digital team for length and clarity. You can find a recording of the discussion of the recording here:


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