Pro Crypto AMA TLDR – June 23 & 30, 2022

Published on: July 8th, 2022

The last 2 Pro Crypto AMAs with Delphi Digital happened in rapid succession and were filled with insights and discussions that built on each other. To tie these conversations together, we’ve combined the AMAs on June 23 and 30 into a single Super Extra Bonus TLDR (yeah, we know the name needs work…!)… These 2 discussions covered a wide array of topics including: the outlook for the top alt Layer 1s, DyDx’s transition to an app-chain, the risk-reward prospects for Uniswap, potential problems with Bitcoin’s tokenomics, the risks of an stETH depeg, and so much more. For this TLDR, as usual, we’ve edited the comments and questions from Delphi Digital and the Pro Crypto community for length and clarity. In an effort to make these TLDRs a quicker read, we’ve paraphrased many of Delphi’s answers.


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