Pro Crypto AMA TLDR – March 29, 2022

Published on: March 29th, 2022

The latest installment of the Pro Crypto AMAs with Delphi Digital featured discussions on some familiar protocols such as Terra, THORChain, and Cosmos, but also contained valuable insight on up-and-coming ones like Layer 0, NEAR, and a range of digital-identity projects. In this TLDR we will distill this insightful conversation into a concise summary, highlight some key takeaways, break down all the technical terminology, and link out to helpful resources. Here’s a link to where the recording was posted in Discord: Sorry for the ridiculously long link…!


  • mc
    mark c.
    13 April 2022 @ 13:47
    more good clues to layer 1 consensus future trends. code as law is not possible. chaos theory dictates courts of recourse.