Pro Crypto In Focus – February 1, 2022

Published on: February 1st, 2022

The Delphi research team has identified their top 9 themes for 2022. In our first official Pro Crypto In Focus report, 2022 Crypto Year Ahead: Themes, Projects, and Trends We’re Watching, Delphi digs into where we are, major catalysts and narratives, and the key project to track in the new year.


  • GA
    Gregg A.
    1 February 2022 @ 19:34
    Download fails
    • CS
      Collin S.
      2 February 2022 @ 15:56
      Reading reports on a microscopic iPhone 8 without having to download and being able to add in my comments. 1. select all. 2. Copy. 3. Paste into word doc on 365 app., creates perfect format. No need to scroll left or right, or use landscape view. Bad eyes means I read with my 3.25 readers. If I don't have them, the "read aloud" feature does the work. Downside: MSFT has not created a voice quite as melodic as the charismatic RP. Additionally, (it takes a bit of practice for the less tech savvy. It did for me), I add book marks to navigate to relevant content and comments.
    • JS
      Justin S.
      1 February 2022 @ 21:50
      It can take a bit of time to work, refresh etc but agree it's irritating for the impatient like myself
    • DP
      Dinesh P.
      1 February 2022 @ 20:00
      worked for me. opened a new tab with the pdf.
    • BB
      Bruce B.
      1 February 2022 @ 19:41
      My download was fine - try again
  • MB
    Marlowe B.
    1 February 2022 @ 20:09
    You missed the most important trend, Farming As A Service (FAAS) Disappointing that the team completely overlooked this
    • JL
      Jonah L.
      1 February 2022 @ 20:54
      What FAAS protocols are you looking at?
  • OB
    Oytun B.
    1 February 2022 @ 20:34
    You brought up bridging / multichain solutions and not even mention Chainlink's CCIP. You brought up NFTs like Cool Cats and haven't even mentioned RTFKT's/Nike's CloneX. These two are categorical leaders and how you can just completely ignore them is beyond me. Too much self bag shilling and not enough objective industry analysis.
    • DJ
      Dean J.
      1 February 2022 @ 23:14
      Yes and no mention of Looksrare?
  • AH
    Alex H.
    1 February 2022 @ 20:58
    I received the same content from Delphi last Thursday.
    • BS
      Benjamin S.
      3 February 2022 @ 00:00
      "First official Pro Crypto in Focus report" yet the content is the same as the Insights Tier from Delphi. Description makes it sound like it was for Pro Crypto subscribers, but it wasn't. I am absolutely fine with duplicate content as I am still trying to figure out which I should be subscribed to, but at least be honest about it.
    • DG
      Deanna G.
      2 February 2022 @ 15:20
      Same here. This is becoming concerning.
    • Sk
      Sh k.
      2 February 2022 @ 05:57
      Can acknowledge that as well
    • SD
      Steve D.
      2 February 2022 @ 05:38
      I am on the insights tier and I received the same content as well.
    • ER
      Efrain R.
      2 February 2022 @ 02:43
      So that report was included in Delphi Pro which costs $10,000 annually. So what's the issue?
    • ER
      Efrain R.
      2 February 2022 @ 02:39
      What subscription level do you have with Delphi Digital and at what cost?
    • CF
      Chad F.
      1 February 2022 @ 22:30
      That is tremendously disappointing. I am really starting to wonder what I am paying for. Zero Alpha so far.
  • CS
    Collin S.
    2 February 2022 @ 14:09
    Net Deflationary Asset: Since EIP-1559 went live in August, ETH has had one net deflationary week. If we retroactively show the merge being live at 30M ETH staked, ETH would have been deflationary every week since August 23. Currently, the ETH 2.0 deposit contract only holds ~9M ETH, so 30M is quite conservative. But we feel this is a solid medium-to-long term figure to use while projecting ETH issuance. With 30M ETH staked, issuance is slashed from the ~13,400 a day to ~2,700. Could someone, please, expand on this concept. Perhaps, define the concept a little more deeply for those of us not quite as keyed in. Thanks - CS
  • AM
    Aengus M.
    2 February 2022 @ 14:30
    On pages 10, 16, 19, 22 and 24 there are black boxes with a column headed 'Report', are these reports available to us?
  • vg
    vittorio g.
    2 February 2022 @ 14:40
    High quality content
  • HC
    Hodlnaut C.
    3 February 2022 @ 23:43
    In 2022, we're probably going to witness L2 tokens being created and Polygon becoming a true L2. Therefore, I can see a decline to non Ethereum L1 marketshare.
  • MA
    Michael A.
    4 February 2022 @ 06:11
    Always so much focus from Delphi on Cosmos ecosystem. When will we see insights on other interoperable chains like Polkadot?
  • FM
    Felix M.
    4 February 2022 @ 10:07
    Loving how the comments on the report contain more alpha than the report. At this point I realise we are simply being farmed.
  • JS
    Jeff S.
    6 February 2022 @ 16:55
    Nice high-level overview, and some interesting insights toward the end regarding macro crypto vs tech/web 3 crypto. However, I do have the distinct impression that this report is a cut-and-paste from other sources and not specifically written for RV Pro Crypto members. I was a very happy member of RV Pro last year, and so far regret wasting my money "upgrading" to RV Pro Crypto. This service is starting out the year with a whimper rather than a bang, and I see nothing that indicates it will improve. Have to agree with many of the other commentators on this thread and others that we (members) appear to have been ripped off.
  • RR
    Raghav R.
    6 February 2022 @ 22:22
    Good report. Very interesting to see the analysis of IBCs. Also, PCV (Protocol Controlled Value) was a new term to me. Planning to dive deeper into Yield aggregators liked Convex Finance & Yearn Finance.
  • AK
    Alexander K.
    7 February 2022 @ 21:09
    Hi Guys Enjoyed this inaugural report - thank you. Would it be possible to introduce a in focus crypto trade portfolio - like we have for macro insiders w Raoul and Julian? Warm regards Alex K
  • ka
    keenan a.
    9 February 2022 @ 10:48
    Not sure what the negative comments were about. A Lot of info. A lot covered. Thanks