Pro Crypto: Terra Flash Update

Published on: May 12th, 2022

The past week has been extremely volatile across the markets, with crypto holders experiencing the worst of the downward price action. With Terra in the forefront of the news — after its stablecoin, UST, depegged — the Delphi team gives us an overview of the situation. Given that the market is moving at light speed, note that some data was immediately outdated. Join the discussion in the Pro Crypto Discord.


  • JS
    Justin S.
    12 May 2022 @ 17:56
    Many thanks, your view on Luna would be much appreciated then - will it recover or is it finished?
    • TF
      Trey F.
      12 May 2022 @ 20:56
      Luna is dead.
  • VW
    Venuri W.
    12 May 2022 @ 19:30
    Too little too late.
  • OB
    Oytun B.
    12 May 2022 @ 20:31
    Uhh the Luna part is already severely outdated...this is pretty useless!
  • RC
    Robert C.
    12 May 2022 @ 22:58
    Trust in LUNA is irretrievably shattered
  • SS
    Sukhraj S.
    12 May 2022 @ 23:41
    How in the world is this a flash update?! Delphi was literally teaming up with Do to work on the tokenomics. Delphi knew what was going and and is posting an outdated report. Is this what I’m paying for? You should’ve posted a video warning is as soon as you realized this was going to zero and that Do had no plan. Instead he told us to hold on Twitter and wait for the plan while he dumped his remaining bags on us.
    • MA
      Michael A.
      13 May 2022 @ 20:24
      Unfortunately, there has been a blatant conflict of interest. Head of Research @RV, Remi Tetot was one of the biggest proponents (self-proclaimed "Lunatic") of Luna/Terra. There's no way RV or Delphi.D would have ever have gone public about Terra's vulnerabilities if there was a realistic risk of such content leading to sell pressure (thus affecting their/Remi's bags). Clearly they did not foresee how it was all going to unfold, but whether conscious or subconscious, RV Crypto and Delphi.D were never going to highlight the shortcomings of Terra ecosystem, given how vested they were in its success.
    • AT
      Alexey T.
      13 May 2022 @ 20:11
      Not a flash update at all :(
  • AS
    Arjan S.
    13 May 2022 @ 02:03
    Thumbs down. This is a postmortem more than it is a flash report. Flash reports are supposed to provide actionable advice while an even is occurring. While I appreciate the explanation of how LUNA/UST works, this type of stuff should be in regular reports and deep dives, not in a flash report. I agree with some of the other comments. A legitimate flash report should have flagged LUNA/UST pegging mechanism as being at risk somewhere between LUNA being down 30-70% before the mass liquidations crushed it into oblivion. How do I know this should have been possible? Because I, a random person, not doing crypto analysis as a full-time job, was able to figure out that this mess was blowing up just by reading twitter threads and using google. I did that two days ago and dumped my LUNA for a 60% loss. Do I honestly have to ask this, what are we paying for with Pro Crypto? There’s zero alpha in this document.
  • CS
    Chris S.
    13 May 2022 @ 03:05
    I have to say I’m disappointed by this “flash” update. This should have came out yesterday or the day before. I expect more from you. No one could have predicted when the depegged would happen. I don’t need a date. That’s not what I’m asking. I need actionable market information in a timely matter so I can act.
    • MS
      Malcolm S.
      13 May 2022 @ 21:45
      Agree - I am getting more actionable insights from my Twitter feed right now.
    • FT
      Frances T.
      13 May 2022 @ 12:46
      Completely agree. I'd like to know the Delphi guys trades for Luna before it all crashed to zero.
  • MR
    Mark R.
    13 May 2022 @ 07:21
    I wonder the value of Pro-Crytpo. So far it's been a 90% waste of money. I expected leads on what to buy and sell, a form of protection or leading edge intel in this volatile marketplace. But what I receive is academic information that dives too deep to offer any wider perspective. There are other sources that don't cost anything where I find more relevant intel. Sorry, because I love RealVision and I highly value Raoul and the central RealVision team. But Pro-Crypto? I could have saved my money.
    • OM
      Oliver M.
      16 May 2022 @ 16:42
      It would be nice to have Delphi publish some of the research they provide to institutions and funds, such as buy or sell recommendations. I assume they do that to hedge funds but I could be wrong.
    • DZ
      Donna Z.
      16 May 2022 @ 16:05
      Totally agree. So far, the Delphi reports have been too technical and don't offer much in the way of real-world recommendations. I thought we were going to be getting advance research on important projects in the space - with clear recommendations on when to buy/sell, and timely updates when the outlook on a project has changed.
    • EC
      Elizabeth C.
      14 May 2022 @ 01:06
      It is exactly what I expected and as promised - exposure to the discussions, think tanks and research considered by those ‘in the know’ and previously unavailable to everyday people. I nunderstood it never promised financial advise or a buy/ sell portfolio. I watch/ listen and when I don’t understand I go away and research those aspects, if I’m interested. I find it fascinating and the cost is worth it, for me. I pay a lot more mo yea elsewhere for portfolio advice and deep dives on specific assets.
    • MS
      Malcolm S.
      13 May 2022 @ 21:43
      I agree. The only potential saving grace may be the future benefits of the NFT if it allows us free access to other exclusive events (such as the macro pro experience last month) and investable actionable insights. If the NFT just becomes a discount coupon for future real vision events then its been a waste.
    • JW
      JW2 W.
      13 May 2022 @ 13:58
      I said it before, this service ned a rethink and that's fine. I think everyone here supports RV and sometimes things work out differently. It's not easy and I am not sure what to suggest, what with all the quality info available for free. Perhaps Delphi should create a model portfolio with leaders in each class (Architecture services, Social, Bridge, Metaverse, Smart Contracts etc etc). and consult around that. A little like Raoul suggested with his exponential age basket. You can agree/disagree, but at least there is a recommendation with supporting narrative and technical and trade advise to work around. Again, there is so much great stuff available on RV already, Delphi has to find a way to add value that is different. Easier said than done I am sure.
    • ER
      Efrain R.
      13 May 2022 @ 12:39
      I've been wondering what others have gotten out of their Pro Crypto subscription. I myself have been trying to figure out how to maximize the value of the service. The criticism of the research being presented has been stated many times, e.g. not directed to an investor community, too technical, and difficult to ascertain actionable advice or even how to frame our view on the crypto space. Have been looking at other non Real Vision resources and feel like I wasted a lot of money on this product.
    • MR
      Mark R.
      13 May 2022 @ 12:09
      Thanks for the support: so we're a network effect of 2 ...
    • FK
      Firoze K.
      13 May 2022 @ 08:13
      Mark - I agree with you on this. It's not what I envisaged the service being. I do enjoy the Macro Pro product and believed Crypto Pro to be of a similar ilk. Extremely disappointed so far.
  • JW
    JW2 W.
    13 May 2022 @ 09:19
    Completely and utterly superfluous information.
  • CF
    Christopher F.
    13 May 2022 @ 09:23
    Thanks for the heads up guys. I think this is a couple days too late.. 🙃
  • FT
    Frances T.
    13 May 2022 @ 12:45
    Agree that Crypto Pro has not been useful and really a waste of money. Can we get a refund?