Pro Crypto: Too Early to Call It a Comeback

Published on: February 9th, 2022

Recent days have given crypto holders a much-needed break from the downward price action of the last month, but in this issue of Crypto Insiders Chartbook, the Delphi team warns us: “There’s no guarantee the worst is behind us yet.” This issue digs into key technicals, on-chain trends, L1s, NFTs and gaming, and the implications of dollar strength. Join us in the Pro Crypto Discord server to discuss your takeaways from the Chartbook.


  • MG
    Miguel G.
    10 February 2022 @ 10:12
    Easy and informative read, well done and thank you
  • JJ
    Julliette J.
    11 February 2022 @ 12:50
    Dear RV i need this in landscape view on iphone
  • JG
    Jonnie G.
    13 February 2022 @ 20:01
    Really glad I'm part of this community. Great analysis. Thank you.