Pro Macro: Flash Update – March 13, 2023

Published on: March 13th, 2023

Well, that was quite the weekend!


  • AK
    Alexander K.
    13 March 2023 @ 20:37
    Thanks Raoul. Patiently waiting for those buses…
  • AK
    Arman K.
    13 March 2023 @ 20:38
    Raoul - thank you for taking us through this, your insights are always timely. So glad to be part of RV. Ironically the Community of Communities reveal happened at the moment (well 72hrs ) prior to banking saga. Communities rule!! AK
  • AH
    Anthony H.
    13 March 2023 @ 20:39
    Timely and very detailed. Thanks for putting this out Raoul and these flash updates so well Let’s say bull market for crypto in 2023 and 2024. If inflation from QE becomes a narrative again, are you going to exit and sell some or your all in crypto holdings in the next cycle before they hike rates again?