Pro Macro: RIP Corporate Capitalism: Part III

Published on: March 28th, 2022

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has accelerated the pre-existing trend toward deglobalisation. Julian has already warned you that the US-China trade relationship was breaking up. Now Europe has announced its divorce from Russia and the adjustment will be enormous.


  • AK
    Alexander K.
    28 March 2022 @ 19:23
    Spot on Jules
  • JE
    Jonathan E.
    28 March 2022 @ 20:00
    so buy silver basically
  • JW
    JW2 W.
    28 March 2022 @ 20:07
    What a compelling read (again) ! Thanks. Interesting times.
  • SJ
    Srinivasa J.
    28 March 2022 @ 20:11
    Eloquently written.
  • JW
    JW2 W.
    30 March 2022 @ 16:18
    Effects the the new Cold War with Russia could be dampened if there is some form of 'Perestroika Part II' in which the elites realize that the economic cost of the current path is simply too big and come to some realization that they need to balance China with healthy or healthier relationships with the West. Yes, this means Putin gone, but it's not only about Putin of course. The probability of this happening is difficult to assess for me but it is not zero I would think.
    • HM
      Harry M. | Real Vision
      3 April 2022 @ 15:48
      From your mouth to God's ear! I really hope so.