Searching for Market Bottoms

Published on: June 24th, 2022

The crypto market is facing one of its sharpest drawdowns on record. Most crypto assets are down anywhere from 60-90% from their prior highs. Sentiment is awful, liquidity is drying up, funding is becoming scarcer, and capital preservation and risk management are back in vogue. In this issue of In Focus, the Delphi team digs into the question on everyone’s mind: When will we find a bottom to this brutal downtrend?


  • JC
    James C.
    24 June 2022 @ 19:30
    This was great. Can't wait for part two.
  • MG
    Mike G.
    25 June 2022 @ 07:59
    One of the better written reports from Delphi - authentic and clear. Regardless of the content, would like to see more like this. 🏆
  • DC
    Dolabriel C.
    26 June 2022 @ 18:34
    Finally, a clear analysis. Well done.