The Aftermath of FTX’s Downfall

Published on: November 15th, 2022

In this edition of the Deep Dive, the Delphi team digs into the initial fallout of FTX’s downfall. This report — written on the evening of November 11 — sheds light on the early stages of the situation with Delphi sharing their view on where we are and, more importantly, what this means going forward. After you finish reading, we’d like to hear your thoughts in the Pro Crypto Discord.


  • DR
    Derrick R.
    16 November 2022 @ 13:23
    Stellar report.. it’s surfaced now that the FTX hacker has apparently put the spoils in ETH and as a result, now owns one of the largest ETH wallets. Could this explain the relatively strong performance in ETH PA and could it present a risk for ETH holders going forward?
    • DR
      Derrick R.
      16 November 2022 @ 14:52
      Hi frederic- no the hack was not mentioned
    • fr
      frederic r.
      16 November 2022 @ 14:16
      Don't they adress this ever so important issie in the report? I haven't gad time to read it yet but I certainly hope this service will help us figure out what to do ahead of time with regards to ETH!
  • KB
    Keith B.
    16 November 2022 @ 14:58
    Great report, but what took so long? Four days from written to distributed is a lifetime in this market. And was the piece announced on Discord on 11/8 ever distributed? Though you delivered timely flash updates from Raoul, I'd expect more timely communication from Delphi in times of turmoil for Pro Crypto.
  • OM
    Oliver M.
    16 November 2022 @ 17:31
    The Delphi team might want to dig into things before they blow up. Picking coins moving up in a bull market is great and all, but helping manage risk in the down move is harder. They don't seem to do that.
  • DF
    Denver F.
    17 November 2022 @ 10:53
    I dont see the point of this report, unfortunately this is telling us what we already know, we should get reports highlighting risks before not after the fact! There were big players that blew up, not even one has been highlighted before hand, no warnings etc. ! When LUNA blew up, everyone was shocked including the experts on here, Celsius, Voyager, BlockFi FTX ! Where are the warnings for PRO Crypto members ?
  • AR
    Alex R.
    22 November 2022 @ 15:42
    Come on guys, where is the quality control/quality assurance: that is not a photo of Ashwath Balakrishnan on page 36! Also, sub-headers are your friends - the newsletter would benefit from headers on each page to remind users of the topic covered, and more sub-headers used. With so many topics covered and interrupted by large graphics, it is difficult to keep your intended table of contents narrative while reading a 38-page report.
  • MJ
    Marius J.
    24 November 2022 @ 21:03
    Thanks for a good overview and useful comments👍🏻