The Inner Game of Investing

Published on: October 21st, 2021

Dan McMurtrie, portfolio manager and co-founder of Tyro Partners, has put together an impressive track record as a process-driven, fundamental, long-short equity hedge fund, having compounded at over 25% over the past 5 years. In this interview with Michael Green of Simplify Asset Management, McMurtrie highlights why he has turned his focus toward maximizing his decision-making capabilities rather than his knowledge level in a particular name or idea. In addition to this new focus on decision quality, McMurtrie and Green also examine the dynamic nature of markets and the importance of open-mindedness and adaptability if you want to have any sort of long-term investing success. They also explore where McMurtrie is finding pockets of inefficiency, why he is approaching securities from a utility perspective rather than an intrinsic value perspective, and the top-down nature of pecking in the investing world order that tends to drive the current market regime. More info on Dan McMurtrie and his fund Tyro Partners can be found at their website: To get a complete picture of Dan’s framework as expressed in this interview, please use the detailed notes above alongside the actual interview:


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