The Keys to Contrarian Trading

Published on: September 21st, 2021

Jamie McDonald gives the full “Investor Masterclass” treatment to an interview from early 2021 featuring “unknown market wizard” Jason Shapiro of JS Trading and Moritz Seibert, CEO of Munich RE Investment Partners. Here, Jamie goes back through this incredible interview to highlight the key insights and learnings that can be taken away no matter the current market environment. With a focus on the processes and frameworks Jason has honed over his 30 years of trading, Jamie highlights the importance of learning through getting your hands dirty and making early mistakes, Jason’s unique contrarian trading style where he takes bets against stretched positioning, and the importance of risk management and a humble attitude towards both trading and life if one wants to have any sort of longevity in markets. You can learn more about Jason’s techniques and his current views in his newsletter: To get a complete picture of Jason’s framework, please use the notes above alongside the actual interview:


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