The “New Industrial Policy”: Should Markets Care?

Published on: September 26th, 2023

Strategic imperatives are replacing laissez-faire. Just-in-case trumps just-in-time. This unwinding of globalisation, which delivered the “Peace Dividend” and “Great Moderation” of the last three decades, will inevitably carry costs to the public purse and lead to inefficiencies in the private sector. Necessity dictates the policy shift. Below, thoughts on where it leads.


  • JM
    John M.
    29 September 2023 @ 17:20
    Makes sense to me....what about being short here?
  • AD
    Anthony D.
    4 October 2023 @ 19:14
    Thank you Julian. With yesterdays smack down of precious metals, it seems this might be a good time to buy some long dated sliver calls, say January '25. Very cheap.