Published on: May 21st, 2021

We need to learn to use volatility as our friend. It is a feature in crypto and not a bug.


  • JC
    Jey C.
    21 May 2021 @ 16:41
    Amazing additions Raoul!
  • WM
    William M.
    21 May 2021 @ 16:46
    My other advisory sources are also screaming the copper play and the potential for the big players to swallow up the smaller players with copper finds that are large but currently marginal to produce. I think it is a way for folks "worried" about crypto to invest in something they may feel is more tangible. I personally remain skeptical about the speed of adoption if only because the "public" is absolutely not all on board with the global warming thesis and while politicians may have leeway to force adoption, they still have to hold onto their positions. If they can't get elected they lose power, and ultimately thats what politicians are all about, securing and maintaining power. My background is in the oil business and I believe we will see $100+ oil sooner and for longer than few can current believe. Our world needs hydrocarbons now and will still require them 20 years from now. Its all a question of at what level of demand. We simply cannot switch overnight to a more expensive transportation energy mode. Directionally I am on board, but history tells me this will be a battle with many casualties. Humans dont like change and while the young are more malleable and accepting of radical change, a huge portion of society are not and will push back strongly during the coming election cycles 2022 through 2024.
    • AM
      Alex M.
      22 May 2021 @ 00:26
      100+ oil hastens the switch to green energy right? I’ve always believed the green revolution requires high oil price to progress quickly, the esg mandate and o&g capex reduction should achieve this.
    • Dd
      David d.
      21 May 2021 @ 19:33
      Thoughtful comment... thank you... in furtherance of your point, doesn't copper mining absolutely rely upon fossil fuels? Same for the silver, cobalt, rhodium?
    • JA
      John A.
      21 May 2021 @ 17:10
      Honest question, how do we get to $100 oil without Shale coming back in size and creating a supply glut?
  • ji
    joe i.
    21 May 2021 @ 17:08
    Raoul thank you, Curious to your thoughts regarding following charts what are your thoughts/ do you use Elliot Wave Theory as the charts I have been following have played out pretty well using the Fibonacci pinball method combined with the Elliot Wave Theory.
    • RP
      Raoul P. | Founder
      21 May 2021 @ 17:26
      U use EW for context of a move generally but not as my main indicator
  • CR
    Chiel R.
    21 May 2021 @ 17:23
    As a non social media engaged boomer I was starting to get a bit worried about the fact that Twitter seemed to be getting more of Raoul's attention than Real-Vision Pro.....But this piece is spot on and crystal clear in a world that is full of FUD and misdirection....thank you. Maybe one of your earlier calls (fellow crypto prophet Mike Novogratz at Galaxy Digital) could also do with a bit of support from the community with his shares trading at less than 6x trailing earnings whilst they grew more than 100% quarter on quarter...if ever there was a value play in the sector surely this should be it!
  • Dd
    David d.
    21 May 2021 @ 19:29
    Raoul, Is Galaxy Digital a buy here at $16 per share? Also, if you had to pick the best copper play, what would it be? Thank you!
    • TC
      Tash C.
      22 May 2021 @ 01:14
      I wonder the same thing about Galaxy. P/E seems oddly low. I haven’t bought any since i haven’t done research and wondering if there’s information I don’t know.
  • MS
    Michael S.
    21 May 2021 @ 19:41
    Are there simple ways to play Copper? That is to say, something that does not involve futures... I am a newbie so please be kind;)
    • JJ
      JW2 J.
      22 May 2021 @ 10:39
      Copx etf
    • JJ
      JW2 J.
      22 May 2021 @ 10:39
      Copx etf
  • sL
    scott L.
    21 May 2021 @ 20:07
    Raoul - thanks for the pointer towards KR1. Any insights on their management team? Website is sparse (although I love the URL!)
  • AM
    Alex M.
    22 May 2021 @ 00:35
    Raoul, what is a pullback to you on copper? Is there enough speculation there now for a much better entry point?
  • MC
    Melvin C.
    22 May 2021 @ 11:51
    Have you seen the unsolicited listing annoucement by KR1? especially for those of you in the US could that be a problem.. https://www.aquis.eu/aquis-stock-exchange/member?securityidaqse=KR1 Unsolicited Listings of Company Shares The Company has recently been made aware of KR1 shares being traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the ticker ‘K4H’ and, previously, in other markets including a United States OTC market under the ticker ‘KROEF’ and Germany’s Stuttgart Stock Exchange under the ticker ‘K4H’. .. The Company's shares have not been registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "U.S. Securities Act")...the Company's shares may not be offered, sold..... to....U.S. Persons
    • LM
      Lawrence M.
      24 May 2021 @ 18:50
      Interesting... I wanted to buy some but couldn't find the listing in IB (OTC). I did see something listed on a different exchange, I wonder if it's not showing OTC because of what you're saying (Melvin). Has anyone in the US been able to trade this?
  • FC
    F C.
    22 May 2021 @ 17:06
    Great quick follow up piece on the recent market condition. If I were to nitpick one thing... having ETH/BTC around 0.05 near the end of this cycle just doesn't feel right to me (i.e. ETH can overshoot way higher). I know GMI has covered Nikhil Shamapant's writing from reading the latest BitMex blog, wonder if Roaul would share his take as well with MI reader in the near future. A lot more to watch out in the material space for renewable as well: nickel, cobalt and lithium, you can find alot of interesting log chart among hardrock/ brine miners (thanks for helping me to explore asset price through this lens!)
  • SH
    Stefan-Alexander H.
    22 May 2021 @ 19:54
    Thanks a lot Raoul ! Your exposé on copper makes perfect sense to me. Having 95% of my investment in crypto (apart from personal real estate), for my personal peace of mind I do need to diversify more outside of crypto and your elucidation of the copper trade comes very timely indeed. Alwas inspired by your knowledge base, clarity and openness of thinking !
  • GT
    George T.
    23 May 2021 @ 09:15
    As I look at this it seems AUD should do well under the Exponential Age thesis. And further, AUD might pull away at an unusual rate from NZD given the different mix of exports from those two countries - and the traditional reasonably tight coupling between the two currencies. Obvs would be a nice diversifier from crypto - for those interested in such a thing.
  • AH
    Anthony H.
    23 May 2021 @ 17:00
    Do another flash update for crypto with this 2nd bottom @Raoul! (32K and 1.7K BTC/ETH)
  • LM
    Lawrence M.
    24 May 2021 @ 18:00
    Has anyone tried to purchase KROEF (KR1 PLC) on IB? I'm not having any luck even thought it should be OTC.
    • JM
      JOHN M.
      27 May 2021 @ 14:04
      Here's a link to one of the first and best sources on KR1 (KROEF)...He's also very active on Twitter...below is an excellent primer... https://wexboy.wordpress.com/2020/11/21/kr1-plc-the-crypto-alpha-bet/
    • JM
      JOHN M.
      26 May 2021 @ 15:15
      KROEF is available through Schwab, FYI. K4H is the listing for KR1 on the Frankfurt exchange.
    • WM
      Wai M.
      25 May 2021 @ 16:38
      When I search KR1 on IB, K4H shows up. Is it the same thing?
    • LO
      Leonard O.
      25 May 2021 @ 05:38
      KROEF cannot be searched on Interactive Brokers...
    • MS
      Mark S.
      24 May 2021 @ 22:41
      I believe it's traded on TD Think or Swim
  • SM
    Sean M.
    9 June 2021 @ 01:53
    As an electrician when Copper gets high we move to Aluminum, it's bigger wire but can be cost effective. I haven't looked at the Copper/Al spread but some manufacturing and especially housing may move there as copper gets more expensive.
  • Dd
    David d.
    11 June 2021 @ 16:45
    Raoul, Pro subscriber questions go unanswered, yet you promptly answer questions on Twitter from non-subscribers ... can you help us understand this? Thank you.