Valuing Digital Assets: A Breakthrough

Published on: May 5th, 2022

Metcalfe’s Law helps explain the success of crypto price developments. But we need a way of calibrating network effects in association with the other variables which make up the “macro” framework for digital assets. Thanks to some advanced quantitative analysis, I outline below a model for valuation which both explains recent price behaviour and points to a bright future ahead.


  • SC
    Sebastien C.
    5 May 2022 @ 21:10
    Finaly great content for crypto
  • MD
    Matthew D.
    5 May 2022 @ 21:34
    Need more like this.
  • GW
    Gary W.
    6 May 2022 @ 00:07
    Cheers Raoul!
  • DR
    Derrick R.
    6 May 2022 @ 00:13
    This is massive. What is your definition of active user, and how do you query this accurately given so many users are transacting via exchange wallets?
    • NR
      Norm R.
      9 May 2022 @ 15:04
      Good question. I do believe the exchanges are a 'black box'. You would need to use the 'solscan' and other API's to extract that data. I can work on something like this, it's not too complex.
  • LT
    Lloyd T.
    16 June 2023 @ 22:12
    love this content keep it coming please. Would be interested in a workshop style video to be able to use this to model any asset we want to.