Your Guide to the New Real Vision

Published on: July 18th, 2023

Strap yourselves in, this is a long one (but worth it, promise…!). It’s a full preview of what’s coming with the new Real Vision later this summer. Please drop your questions/thoughts in the comments or email If you want to level up or lock in your membership, right this way:


  • LF
    Lee F.
    18 July 2023 @ 20:37
    Well done. Looks excellent. Looking forward to using the new platform!
  • PR
    Percy R.
    18 July 2023 @ 20:45
    Wow! I use RV as a research tool. I will be able to copy from transcripts and save as notes. I also love that we can see who is in our hometown. As we grow I hope we can start doing the in person meet ups again. This is some stellar work gents!
  • PF
    Peter F.
    19 July 2023 @ 03:15
    Sound great, shouldn't have to go to multiple different websites constantly for market information!. Cheers, Peter (Australia)
  • LS
    Louise S.
    19 July 2023 @ 12:56
    Enjoying the start of the transformation, road map always excited to use the new site!
  • VN
    Vano N.
    19 July 2023 @ 14:47
    Excited for RV 2.0! Can't wait to be able to dive into some of the new features. It is the largest change to the platform and I think, to the right direction.
  • MD
    Michel D.
    19 July 2023 @ 16:39
    Looks great! Can't wait to have a single portal for all info I need, and get rid of following other information channels. Keep up the great work!
  • TI
    Tamas I.
    19 July 2023 @ 18:08
    Wow, very impressed. Transforming Real Vision into a real Hub where I find everything in one place. Can`t wait to see it live!
  • LD
    Lance D.
    19 July 2023 @ 18:15
  • LD
    Lance D.
    19 July 2023 @ 18:16
    got any emojis lol x
  • AM
    Adrian M.
    20 July 2023 @ 04:37
    This is absolutely fantastic. The bot-feature for summarizing videos, notes section for chicken scratches (which I do with my own wordpad as it is,) charts, finance-definitions.....this is going to be amazing :)
  • BT
    Boris T.
    20 July 2023 @ 08:55
    Looks good! Maybe I am jumping horse, but are there completely redesigned iOS/Android Apps planned to be released in the near future to mirror this experience on phone's tablets, and smart TVs? (specifically mentioning smart TVs as the Apple TV App hasn't evolved in quite a while)
  • RK
    Rene K.
    20 July 2023 @ 14:52
    I am very excited about the new real vision platform. The content in the past was very good already. But I struggled to integrated it the way I needed it. Lost a lot of time looking for topics, videos and reports. I think RV is going to provide me exactly with what I need now : a control, data and knowledge center that help me navigate through the space! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    • JD
      Jonathan D.
      20 July 2023 @ 15:57
      Feeling the same way about the new platform
  • RK
    Rene K.
    20 July 2023 @ 14:54
    one more thing: I wonder about the Charting Tool and its features. Will I still need a TradingView licence?
  • AB
    Alan B.
    21 July 2023 @ 01:01
    You can shear sheep, stick a hog, butcher a beef cow but only milk cows. Be nice to see you roll out a new platform first before you look to raise the prices. That’s like trying to milk a dog doesn’t work.
  • RR
    Raj R.
    21 July 2023 @ 14:40
    How do you lock in prices? The link in the doc doesnt seem to work.
    • MR
      Milton R. | Founder
      21 July 2023 @ 18:17
      Hi Raj, if you can, please drop me a quick email at and I will help out.
  • JW
    James W.
    22 July 2023 @ 15:36
    couple of points. My company introduced Tradingview into our social network back in 15/16 period (if memory serves) one of the first. Are you providing your own data or is this data from tradingview via api of the charting library being integrated into the system/site? Are you able to log into your own account so data/setup's store against your tradingview ID? Is there any data coming from into the charting library? Otherwise from a charting aspect not really seeing much difference between RV and my account with Messari, and it would be lacking a lot of use cases from Tradingview. Ta
  • LR
    Leo R.
    31 July 2023 @ 11:08
    So cool this looks amazing! Will pro macro members get access to the Demarc indicators?? :)
  • MZ
    Michael Z.
    11 August 2023 @ 18:46
    When will the new platform be made available?
  • VM
    Vince M.
    6 September 2023 @ 00:15
    Just circling back to ascetain when the new platform will be functional? Please advise
  • JC
    Juan C.
    28 September 2023 @ 20:05
    Very tired of the constant self promotion and hype re the new platform, but nothing to see despite being a Pro Macro subscriber
  • NH
    Nicolas H.
    1 October 2023 @ 14:46
    I am an essential member. When will the new platform be available for me?
  • WN
    William N.
    12 November 2023 @ 17:09
    I joined and paid but cant log in - getting nothing but “can’t seem to find your account information- could use some help. Thanks!