What the crunch means for inflation, the global economy, and your Thanksgiving dinner.


With prices continuing to rise dramatically, this month Real Vision digs into supply chains, how long will the problems last, which areas will be the most affected, and more. Hear from people at the ground level of the supply chain problems, traders navigating the market environment, and experts on what the Fed should or should not be doing about it…


Coming up this month:

  • November 4th
    Peter Boockvar and Maggie Lake
  • November 5th
    Ross Kennedy and Simon Mikhailovich
  • November 5th
    Steven Van Metre and Maggie Lake
  • November 9th
    Chris Berry and Maggie Lake
  • November 10th
    Jurrien Timmer and Darius Dale
  • November 10th
    Jeff Snider and Maggie Lake
  • November 12th
    Warren Pies and Maggie Lake
  • November 12th
    Mish Schneider and Maggie Lake
  • November 16th
    Andrew Scott and Michael Green
  • November 17th
    Jared Dillian and James Davalos
  • November 24th
    Darius Dale and Tony Greer

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