Memories of 1987: Felix Zulauf's Outlook on Equities, Bonds, Currencies, and Commodities

Raoul Pal, CEO and co-founder of Real Vision, welcomes Felix Zulauf, legendary investor and CEO of Zulauf Consulting, to share his thoughts on the interplay of interest rates, equities, and inflation as well as share his macro outlook as debt and demographics reshape the future of economic growth. Zulauf believes that the current macro setting of rising yields and a falling dollar mirror the conditions prior to the 1987 equity crash, commonly known as Black Monday, which wiped out hundreds of billions of dollars worth of equity valuation overnight. Zulauf sees this correction not as a disaster scenario but merely a detour to another leg higher. Zulauf remains constructive on equities, at least in the long-term, due to his belief that central banks are dedicated to propping up risk assets like never before since a decline in risk assets by 10% would roughly correspond to a loss in 1% of GDP growth. Filmed on February 11, 2021. Key learnings: Zulauf sees a possibility of a 10-15% correction in the near-term as rising yields trigger investment models to cut back risk. He thinks rising yields will make for a bleak 2021 for gold although he is constructive on the precious metal in 2022 and beyond.

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