Rip Van Winkle: Liquidity Edition - Live with Michael Howell

Let us imagine for a moment that you had fallen asleep before COVID-19 made its debut three months ago and woke up today. Would you be able to tell by observing the equity market that unemployment was at Great Depression levels? Or that oil had gone negative just a few weeks ago? What if I was to tell you, that in the space of 12 weeks, trillions had been injected into the system in order to backstop a full blow meltdown? Would you believe me? Probably not — and rightfully so. Everything looks normal on the surface. This is the power of liquidity, and it is this phenomenon that we will be exploring in this week’s Real Vision Live. Mike Howell, managing director at CrossBorder Capital, will be joining us to explain the liquidity event of February and March, its impact on markets, the global economy, and how this seemingly magical feat has redefined the classic market cycles we have all grown accustomed to.

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