Is This the Cruelest of Crypto Winters?

Published on
June 15th, 2022
37 minutes

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Is This the Cruelest of Crypto Winters?

Crypto Daily Briefing ·
Featuring Moritz Seibert, Leslie Lamb and Samuel Burke

Published on: June 15th, 2022 • Duration: 37 minutes

Bitcoin and Ethereum are teetering at levels not seen since early 2021, as several high-profile cryptocurrency companies have taken drastic measures to cut headcounts ahead of what could be a prolonged industry downturn. Moritz Seibert, co-head of digital innovation strategy at Real Vision and CIO at Exponential Age Asset Management, and Leslie Lamb, CMO at CoinFlex and the host of the the Crypto Unstacked podcast, join Real Vision Managing Editor Samuel Burke to assess the fallout from multiple platform freezes and layoffs. The panel also talks about why Ether is the center of attention right now. Send us your questions on the Exchange: