Can Vincent Make Crypto Investing More Accessible?

Published on
June 9th, 2022
45 minutes

The Tools One Analyst Will Use to Spot Crypto’s Next Big Move

Can Vincent Make Crypto Investing More Accessible?

Featuring Slava Rubin and Ash Bennington

Published on: June 9th, 2022 • Duration: 45 minutes

What’s going to make crypto go mainstream? Slava Rubin is the founder of alternative investment platform Vincent. He believes alternative investment wrappers are the way to make crypto investing accessible to everyone. He joins Real Vision's Ash Bennington to talk about Vincent's new product, which exposes investors to a range of alternatives – real estate, venture capital, art, crypto, and crypto collectibles – through a single investment vehicle. Slava and Ash explore the potential risks and rewards of such a product as well as issues of compliance. Slava also shares fascinating insights based on data collected at Vincent, including how the company uses such information to make decisions. Recorded on June 2, 2022.