How Soon Is Now: Web3’s Big Promise for Musicians

Published on
June 20th, 2022
50 minutes

Consensus 2022: Historic Volatility, Institutional Adoption, and Web3’s Utility

How Soon Is Now: Web3’s Big Promise for Musicians

Featuring Cherie Hu and Jack Spallone

Published on: June 20th, 2022 • Duration: 50 minutes

There’s a whole lot of innovation going on as the music industry integrates the elements of Web3 into its business model. Relationships between artists and fans are evolving. Creators are generating income in new ways and on more favorable terms than legacy models offer. So, is the stage set for Web3 to replace Web2? Cherie Hu, the founder of Water and Music, joins Jack Spallone of HiFi Labs to talk about what she sees right now at the intersection of music and Web3. Many old-school industry insiders aren’t yet keeping up with the music distributed and the artists distributing via NFTs, DAOs, and social tokens. That means cultivating a hybrid web presence is a major key for creators who want to build long-term careers. Cherie and Jack discuss that and many more emerging trends where music and tech meet. Recorded on June 9, 2022.