How To Manage a Crypto Investment Firm

Published on
April 19th, 2022
58 minutes

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How To Manage a Crypto Investment Firm

Featuring Leigh Drogen and Corey Hoffstein

Published on: April 19th, 2022 • Duration: 58 minutes

Ever wondered what it’s like to manage a crypto investment firm? Leigh Drogen, the CEO of Starkiller Capital, is walking that walk, and he joins Corey Hoffstein, the CIO of Newfound Research, to describe his journey so far. Leigh explains to Corey how, in his experience, TradFi investment trading strategies such as momentum- and/or trend-following can lead to above-average performance in the crypto space as well. Their conversation highlights the importance of a healthy balance between consistency and flexibility, a requirement of those who’d like to successfully navigate any trading environment. Leigh and Corey share key lessons they’ve learned, including coping with high volatility, the importance of open-mindedness, and dealing with uncertainty. And Leigh describes the limitations of traditional investment valuation methods applied to crypto. Recorded on April 4, 2022.