Zac Prince: The Landscape of Money is Changing

Published on
June 29th, 2021
33 minutes

StarkWare: Building a Base Layer for Developers on the Ethereum Chain

Zac Prince: The Landscape of Money is Changing

Featuring Zac Prince and Ash Bennington

Published on: June 29th, 2021 • Duration: 33 minutes

This video is sponsored by BlockFi. Real Vision senior editor Ash Bennington welcomes back Zac Prince, CEO & founder of BlockFi, for a big picture discussion on what he believes are some of the most important trends in crypto today. He touches on exciting new trends in the TradFi space as institutions attempt to incorporate crypto into their framework and scalability solutions being constructed atop various chains. Prince also believes we have officially entered the era of "The Internet of Money", and we are starting to step away from the era of sluggish and costly payment systems. Filmed on June 24, 2021. As a sponsor of Real Vision Crypto, BlockFi is offering Real Vision subscribers up to a $250 crypto bonus with a deposit of $25 or more. To take advantage of this offer, please visit