Commodities Plunge as NASDAQ Holds Firm

Published on
June 17th, 2021
55 minutes

All Eyes On The Fed: Will The Market Hear Some Taper Talk?

Commodities Plunge as NASDAQ Holds Firm

Daily Briefing ·
Featuring Jack Farley, Ash Bennington, and Samuel Burke

Published on: June 17th, 2021 • Duration: 55 minutes

Senior editor Ash Bennington and editor Jack Farley welcome Real Vision’s new interim managing editor Samuel Burke to the Daily Briefing. The trio cover the big declines in commodities such as gold, oil, and soybeans alongside a rally in the 30-year U.S. Treasury bond and technology stocks. In the crypto world, Burke inspects the World Bank’s rejection of El Salvador’s request to use Bitcoin as legal tender, and Bennington updates viewers on the utter collapse of a stablecoin known as Titan. Farley and Burke also take a look at OnlyFans’ exploration to sell shares as well as the Bank of America’s fund managers survey, which shows that the majority of portfolio managers agree with the Federal Reserve that inflation will be transitory.