Daily Briefing – July 3, 2020

Published on
July 3rd, 2020
26 minutes

Daily Briefing – July 3, 2020

Daily Briefing ·
Featuring Ash Bennington and Ed Harrison

Published on: July 3rd, 2020 • Duration: 26 minutes

In this special, Fourth of July edition of the Daily Briefing, senior editor Ash Bennington and managing editor Ed Harrison sit down to answer questions from our viewers concerning everything from crypto to markets and more. Filmed on July 1, 2020.



  • RP
    Ross P.
    11 July 2020 @ 20:07
    I wonder what it would look like if you crossed RV with what other platforms like Coursera, eDX, master class and udemy are doing? Max mentioned in an interview the other day your customer base ranges from retail all the way up to the “Big Stans” of the world and I could see value in taking those who are early on in their journey through something similar. Ed mentioned he didn’t cover economic history is his under grad or post grad which kind of indicated there is a gap in the current education system. Your RV live structure is pretty much there with the “ask the professor anything” type of format. I then ask myself the question “why would anyone want an RV professional certification in financial risk management principles?” My initial answer would be the same as to why people undertake uni degrees or masters. To get a job, change jobs or ask for a promotion.
  • RS
    Rob S.
    6 July 2020 @ 15:36
    Regarding your request concerning length of videos: Time is a quickly depreciating asset. I am only able to watch half your content, but would increase levels if content was more efficient. I would like to give RV an hour each day. An ‘overview’ daily briefing plus an interview would be perfect. Daily Briefing with Ed, Ash, Rodger, Raoul are excellent at 20 plus/minus minutes. An interview at 40-45 plus/minus minutes. Get to the point, cut the fluff. No need to repeat the same comment/message in the same video. R
    • SZ
      Sarjan Z.
      6 July 2020 @ 23:38
      I agree with the comments about length of video. I would also like to add that One thing I like about Raoul’s videos is that he always discusses the trade that should be undertaken based on the interviewee’s view of the markets. If we could add that to all discussions, so highest conviction trade based on today’s discussion and future data points to look at to support/reject it, that would be great! At the end of the day, its all about how we need to apply these discussions to our trading/portfolios.
    • SZ
      Sarjan Z.
      6 July 2020 @ 23:49
      Have you guys considered doing moderated debates, like Intelligence Squared debates? So the premise is that there are two teams with two people on each team that speak for and against a specific topic. You would pull the audience before and after the debate and the team that converts the most viewers is the winner. It would be really interesting to seeSome of the great thinkers debate one another (in a civil manner) about some of the most important topics. So debates on inflation versus deflation, USD bull versus bear, crypto as an investment (believers versus nonbelievers). Doesn't have to be weekly or anything but even once a month or once a quarter would be great.
  • GB
    Griffin B.
    3 July 2020 @ 23:51
    There are so many hedge eye products, what would you guys suggest/find useful to supplement RV material?
    • MC
      Mark C.
      6 July 2020 @ 19:00
      I had all the Hedgeye products for a few months and pretty much none worked for me. If I was to pick one, Hedgeye TV as its got the macro combined with the daily risk levels at the sector level - but most of all it's really entertaining. Realtime alerts was useless for me, by the time you get the alert the price moved and the risk/reward isn't there. The ETF Pro products are not updated very much (and they are cheap so that's understandable). In summary - try TV and watch it for a while before committing to more (unless there is a promo or bundle on).
  • KN
    Kresten N.
    4 July 2020 @ 14:48
    I think longer interviews are fine if the content is good. I will just pause the video and do something else and come back if I need a break. I think it's good if RV or specific RV people have a view. I don't buy the whole RV has no view theme. As in other types of science you then try to falsify your view, I really like that RV often asks: "What data would make you reconsider your view". I would like a few more videos where there are actual discussions between people with differing viewpoints. Say a US stock market bull lays out the bull case, a stock market bear lays out the bear case and try to figure out why they arrive at different conclusions and what kind of data they are looking at. The updates Raoul does once in a while where he goes through his macro outlook over the next period (the first one I saw was "The Unfolding") is great.
    • MG
      Manish G.
      6 July 2020 @ 17:02
      I will have to admit that "The Unfolding" by Raoul is a masterpiece and one of the best piece of content available on RV. It's my favorite by any standard so far.
  • KR
    Kevin R.
    4 July 2020 @ 19:35
    The videos I want to see is how to make 500% returns over the next 5-10 years. Thanks
    • MG
      Manish G.
      6 July 2020 @ 16:59
      I think Raoul has been shouting about such an opportunity at the top of his voice. And that was the whole reason to organize the Crypto Gathering. And if you are more savvy and dive in a bit deeper then there are many such opportunities already existing in the Cryptosphere where such gains are being made over a few months or a year. Projects such as Digibyte $DGB, Synthetix $SNX, VeChain $VET, Kava $KAVA, Enjin $ENJ and so on... the list is long and goes on, but you will need to read a lot and convince yourself before you invest anything into these, so you can stay the path to gains through the volatility as the ride to the gains is neither straight nor smooth.
  • JY
    John Y.
    6 July 2020 @ 16:23
    Cocktails before interviews... I like your energy, I like where your going. Please get them tanked so we can get a no bullshit assessment of these markets.
  • TA
    Truitt A.
    6 July 2020 @ 15:59
    Enjoyed this - thanks guys. Agree about the interviews - 45 - 60 mins should be adequate time for most. For the rare interview, 90 mins plus is greatly appreciated. The daily briefing length seems to be perfect.
  • AH
    Anand H.
    6 July 2020 @ 01:37
    A weekly, monthly review format would be awesome to avoid the daily noise
    • LP
      Luke P.
      6 July 2020 @ 15:32
      I agree. Weekly, or forthnightly summary of which video interviews and former relevant videos that are worth a watch. Even just a 2 minute clip summarizing key take aways for the week or at the end of each video would be helpful. Unfortunately, sometimes have to work and listen to these, so you can't always absorb every sentence.
  • BF
    Bill F.
    6 July 2020 @ 15:14
    I enjoy the macro focus and would encourage you not to get micro focused on specific stocks or trading. You provide plenty of commentary around trading which I feel is enough. Regarding length of interviews... when the subject is interesting I get lost in the content and never think about the time. Likewise, when the content isn’t interesting or relevant to me, I just wait for the next interview. By the way RVDB is the best 30 minutes in financial news! I look forward to 6pm daily.
  • BI
    Brett I.
    6 July 2020 @ 13:15
    Would love an interview with Professor Keith Chen on how language can effect your ability to save. His 2012 TED talk was fascinating.
  • JN
    John N.
    6 July 2020 @ 04:26
    definitely yes on the tactical trading guests. some what in that realm that I think many people would like, I know I would, is trading psychology type of guests like Brett Steenbarger.
    • JN
      John N.
      6 July 2020 @ 04:29
      just searched and saw there is an interview and a whole series from him. gonna have to check that out.
  • CM
    Cory M.
    4 July 2020 @ 20:51
    I look to RV for macro views. If you must spend energy on technicals/tactical trading, please focus on the traders' PROCESS. Knowing what a short term trader like Tony Greer did on a specific day, is just not helpful to me unless I listened to him every day. (And tactical every day would be misery). Perhaps if I could understand his PROCESS, as Peter Brandt does sometimes, that's not as miserable (lol). [ To be flip: Get one of those technos to offer some statistical evidence or a sound theoretical basis for their "whack" approach to a skeptic. ] That Doubleline interview was outstanding, Ed. I do like them shorter, but sometimes, it's well worth it, especially if they're not repetitive, pedantic or simplistic. But even those "lesser" interviews just mentioned are usually worth my time (eg Risk Management this past week). This platform is amazing, and I am super grateful to all of you who make it happen. The opening tease (Jack, Nick, Peter) is sometimes a gem. Max is a terrific interviewer. You guys and Roger and Raoul don't need yet another compliment because you could get fat heads. (The asides like Trading Places, Wine Collections, Red Microphones, Personal grooming, etc are lovely.) But for real: Dave Rosenberg deserves the reverence you offer him. Gerard Minack as well. Raoul with George Goncalves was especially great. Lately offered excellent perspectives from Arjun Divecha, Steve Kean, Peter Boockvar, Tasos Stassopoulos. Danielle D.-B. cracks me up (usually in a good way). When Julian comes on, my heart goes a flutter.
    • MC
      Michael C.
      5 July 2020 @ 02:56
      Exactly. RV is not set up/structured for tactical trading ideas. You cant be all things to all people. Stick to macro RV its your winning edge.
    • CM
      Cory M.
      6 July 2020 @ 03:07
      I also think the Ben Melkman interview is really great. And I'll listen to it in parts because it's long. Better long than edited.
  • AL
    Aaron L.
    4 July 2020 @ 03:39
    No hard stop please. If I get bored I will stop watching but don’t cut of some interview gold because you think I won’t keep watching. Trust me, if the quality is there I will remain 110% engaged. Thanks guys
    • EB
      Evan B.
      6 July 2020 @ 00:31
      Yes, ignore the producers speaking in your ear. Trust thyself on the extended content. One measuring stick might be-- do you still have burning questions you'd like to ask? The Crypto Gathering was better according to the quality of questions. Maybe too much time is spent on intro q's-- like tell us about your career.
  • DN
    D N.
    6 July 2020 @ 00:14
    Would be interesting to get more of a global flavor beyond us/Europe, like maybe in Asia. Also the interview timing, it would be interesting if you have data in the back on what speeds ppl are watching videos. I tend to do the 2x, so even if the videos are over 1hr, I don't mind as in actuality much less time has elapsed due to the incr speed.
  • RD
    Ryan D.
    5 July 2020 @ 23:08
    Gentlemen. This was excellent. You need this as a regular RV feature!
  • JP
    Jeromey P.
    5 July 2020 @ 13:34
    LONGER interviews por favor; I can’t stand 40-50 mins hard stops. The long form conversation is a delicacy and should be cherished. Too bad for those that can’t get a large enough dosage of Ritalin.
    • BF
      Brad F.
      5 July 2020 @ 21:44
      90 minutes is just about right. I agree. 100%
  • SG
    Satvinder G.
    5 July 2020 @ 20:24
    Ash, I would like to RV to approach David Hunter for an interview. He is perhaps one of the only analysts who has called it right since March. Thanks, Satvinder.
  • PC
    Philip C.
    5 July 2020 @ 17:27
    If you get newbie investors asking what are the best books to read, point them to the Youtube channel "The Swedish Investor". This guy reads finance and investing books and summarises the five main points from them in a 12-15 minute video. He's covered books by Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Nassim Taleb, Robert Kiyosaki, John Templeton, Joel Greenblatt, Anthony Bolton, etc. Over 90 books to date. A huge time saver if you don't have time to read all the books. He deserves a shout-out.
  • YB
    Yair B.
    5 July 2020 @ 16:39
    I really enjoy the daily briefing but this one with questions from the members was really wonderful! Such thoughtful questions and answers! Thank you! I'm terms of length of interviews, It really depends on the topic and the questions that are asked during the interview. Sometimes, with clear direct questions you can get very thoughtful conversations in 40 minutes or less. But other times you need more time. Just my thoughts.
  • MG
    Michael G.
    5 July 2020 @ 15:51
    RV has found a great niche as a 'Global Macro Investment' channel. There is no lack of short term trading platforms out there. Happy to have the occasional short term trading interview but would prefer at least 95% of content looking at the 6 months plus time frame.
  • RH
    Richard H.
    5 July 2020 @ 06:25
    Ash, I found it interesting when you said one of your mentors is Nouriel Roubini. Given your keen interest in crypto and his strong criticisms of Bitcoin and 'shitcoins' (which he loves to say), would love to hear your thoughts on where you think he's wrong on this topic (or indeed where he may be right on certain points, and where you may be in agreement with him).
  • AB
    Alastair B.
    5 July 2020 @ 05:55
    I am realistic in my ‘perfect interview’ - I would like to see Niall Ferguson interview Richard Werner about ‘Japanification’ of the US. Given they have both been on RV recently I know this is something you can pull off, and the value would be immense.
  • JF
    Jennifer F.
    5 July 2020 @ 01:00
    Why not promote - The creature from Jekyll Island by G Edwin Griffin. An understanding of how the federal reserve was created. An amazing read and a better understanding of the mandate of the FED.
  • NI
    Nate I.
    4 July 2020 @ 22:23
    RV has lots of guests discussing trade ideas. Best not to add another one here. I would like to keep the daily briefing around 30-45 minutes and focused on the most significant factors impacting markets. I really like the current format and I hope you'll keep it.
  • SP
    Sherill P.
    4 July 2020 @ 20:42
    It's a great mix, both the shorter daily briefings and the longer 1hr interviews. I think you guys and gals have the right balance Many thanks for the great content!
  • OH
    Oliver H.
    4 July 2020 @ 20:32
    I'll just preface this with saying that I think the content on RV is great! I like the TA as well as the macro approaches. Perhaps we could shake things up by getting both perspectives on the same topic. For example, first get a macro view on miners and then get the technical analysis on the same thing. A 3 person interview could be interesting but perhaps this could be broken into two parts if it is easier with logistics etc. This way we get the full picture, from top to bottom- from asset class to entry point. Perhaps call it the "Full Picture" series ha!
  • KR
    Kevin R.
    4 July 2020 @ 19:28
    Gold id going up by 200-400% over the next 5 years according to the experts, and if gold goes up so will silver and copper, so buy dividend paying stocks in these and hang on. That's what I learned from all these videos.
  • WC
    Wen C.
    4 July 2020 @ 19:05
    I wouldn't like less than One interview per day and one DB per day because there is so many interesting minds and topics to be discussed and learnt from! But also because your contents are so good, that I feel there is too much for me to be able to digest within a week. In this dilemma, I would definitely prefer too much content.
    • WC
      Wen C.
      4 July 2020 @ 19:10
      Just to add one suggestion: both the short summary text and the chapters are useful to evaluate whether we should watch a specific video. However, it could be even more useful if you could merge these 2 contents (structure the summary according to chapters; or comment the chapters with 1 or 2 bullet points), it would help me decide which specific portions of the interview I want to jump to.
  • RL
    Remmelt L.
    4 July 2020 @ 18:17
    It would be nice to have more graphs. If you could share your screen. So instant only voice also more visual
  • RR
    Ramon R.
    4 July 2020 @ 17:35
    For crypto taxes, check cointracker.io
  • MT
    Mark T.
    4 July 2020 @ 17:05
    Hahahaha. Trump wouldn't be able to sit still or make a coherent statement or complete a thought if you tried to interview him, Ed. He is an empty vessel, a dementia ridden empty vessel. Don't care about his politics, just that he is a moron.
  • RK
    Rodney K.
    3 July 2020 @ 23:04
    Hi Ed and Ash, Great as usual but just a note. This increase in numbers is not the second wave we are still in the frist.
    • ER
      Emma R.
      4 July 2020 @ 16:56
      Exactly! And by the way Europe is on the verge of a very real second wave. Especially as it opens up so citizens can “enjoy “ their summer holidays!
  • FR
    Faisal R.
    4 July 2020 @ 16:34
    Easier than using charts/data: If Apple is closing more stores, that's 2nd wave.
  • JR
    Jacob R.
    4 July 2020 @ 06:26
    I would like to propose some less known voices that would add value to Real Vision. 1. Robert P. Balan. Lead trader for a large swiss hedgefund. Created complex liquidity models showing the relationships between Treasury Cash Balances, bonds, the Fed's SOMA transactions, bank reserves, 10yr yield. Runs a private community on Seeking Alpha. 2. Bill Mitchell. Author of the Modern Monetary Theory textbook – "Macroeconomics" authored by himself, Randy Wray and Martin Watts. 3. Anton Kreil. Professional trader and educator. Wall St insider and critic of market maker self-dealing. 4. Nathan Tankus. Industry outsider and self taught thinker on Federal Reserve policy. 5. Mariana Mazzucato. Professor of Economics of Innovation at University College London. She specialises in how to measure "value". 6. Lex van Dam. The trader that Raoul Pal emailed everyone about. Yes I think a few traders would be interesting to hear from as well. The traders have to understand internal machinations and liquidity flows of the market in order to succeed, whereas a macro observer doesn't necessarily.
    • JR
      Jacob R.
      4 July 2020 @ 06:35
      After further reading online, I changed my mind about 3. Anton Kreil. I withdraw him as a suggestion for RV.
    • MM
      Melvyn M.
      4 July 2020 @ 16:24
      Hi Jacob, do you mind me asking why you withdrew suggestion no.3? Thanks in advance:)
  • LB
    LUIS B.
    4 July 2020 @ 15:03
    I really like the over 1h episodes. Not because it is a long episode, but because most of these have really interesting contents. However, I watch all episodes in 2x and only slow down when I feel like I need to pay more attention to something. I would like for an option to play the episodes in 2.5x and 3x speeds.
  • JR
    Je R.
    4 July 2020 @ 14:28
    Ash, Please keep/bring back the beard! Grow it out a bit!
  • DL
    David L.
    4 July 2020 @ 13:29
    I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend. For me personally,the macro is fascinating. Specific trade ideas are also very interesting, especially the background and the thinking that leads up to them. I am just luke warm on technical analysis and crypto. Would personally be interested in seeing market cycle/historical analysis presented in light of current events. A specific idea might be how sovereigns have dealt with debt crises and the economic ramifications of those actions. For example, have there been debt jubilees in the past and how did they turn out.
  • MJ
    Marc J.
    4 July 2020 @ 12:10
    If it's a good interview, 4 hours is not long enough. If it's a bad interview I'll not listen to the end. "Real Vision has no view". RP. Content should be as varied as possible.
    • MJ
      Marc J.
      4 July 2020 @ 12:27
      Reading the comments, it sounds like a good long interview accompanied with some kind of short summary video is best. I'm new to finance, like many others here, and need more explanations. These explanations could be edited out for those who already know.
  • FC
    Frank C.
    4 July 2020 @ 04:13
    It would be nice to see content duration around 1.5 hours. As someone who does behavioral event interviews, I think I extract more in 1.5 -2 hrs than in 1 hour. As a RV subscriber who is continuously learning about finance, I want to know the interviewees decision-making process and what they were thinking and feeling at the time of the decision. I think 1 hour is fine for most interviews, but I really like learning about what made the interviewee decide on a particular trade or their overall investment thesis or framework. Keep up the great work!
    • MJ
      Marc J.
      4 July 2020 @ 12:14
      and so much specialisation is possible in finance it seems. What attracts the interviewee to his/her specialisation?
  • sw
    stefan w.
    4 July 2020 @ 09:49
    I'd like to suggest for all videos that right below the header or as a comment pinned to the top you include reference links to anything that was discussed during the video - books, research papers, etc. If you don't happen to have all links handy, other participants could add by responding with links (if it was a comment pinned to the top). I'd like to suggest a 'best endeavor' to keep the daily briefing to 20 to 25 minutes (obviously some days will merit much more time), and include a link to a single-page PDF or spreadsheet that shows updated day-on-day, week-on-week, mom, yoy movements in the various macro indexes we're looking at in the RV community. Maybe this is only done weekly instead of daily, but I've found it's a great discipline to be able to see this and reflect on movements.
  • RD
    Russell D.
    4 July 2020 @ 08:43
    I'm fine with about a half hour for the DB and about an hour for the Interview, with flexibility to go longer if there are major daily developments or if the Interview is really cooking. I love the variety of topics and depth you go into each. I like the quality of your guests, the more brilliant the better. I know your prime focus is macro but for the the Daily Briefing it might be good to have someone technical on tap to supply at least a very brief update up front of some worthy general major market signals if they appear to be near a turning point extreme in the Dow, the dollar, gold, and maybe BTC. Same if a new trend appears established. Please continue to keep gold in your conversations once in a while. Thanks for the heads up whenever you start to sense a macro wind shift. One quick side note, it appears that whatever camera Ed uses has a video stabilization setting. It is sometimes used on handheld videos to help reduce shakiness and hold a person's face in the frame. But on Ed's fixed camera, it is counterproductive, because sometimes as Ed moves it causes the whole frame to jump or distort for a moment. Ed if you can find a way to disable that, your videos will look a little bit smoother and more natural. Best to everyone and keep up the great work!
  • JD
    James D.
    4 July 2020 @ 05:45
    2 guys I would love to see on RV: Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and Dave Portnoy.
  • PC
    Peter C.
    4 July 2020 @ 04:42
    RVTV introduced Lyn Alden to me. I have since read a lot more of her thoughts. Like all of us, she is a real investor and shares her personal portfolio openly. Interview her as investor e.g. ask her what are her thoughts on still sticking with BAM Brookfield Asset Management, her largest stock pick & a real asset manager, when Covid has wrecked the commercial real estate sector... Thank you
  • PC
    Peter C.
    4 July 2020 @ 04:24
    I would like to see more specific actionable accessible investment ideas & implementation plans. e.g Druckenmiller interview explaining his long FANG equities thesis & positions. and btw that interview ran longer than hour & I only wished for more when there is such high quality content
  • jR
    james R.
    4 July 2020 @ 02:29
    Ed let me help u with understanding Trump’s economic policy and save u the interview: bring jobs back to America and force foreign competitors to play by the rules. Capiche?
    • PC
      Peter C.
      4 July 2020 @ 04:15
      and go backwards to the 60s
  • GF
    Gordon F.
    4 July 2020 @ 00:04
    With regard to the length of interviews, I think generally an hour is a good goal, but there are quite a few of the interviews (the one today with Ben Melkman is a good example) where I would gladly have listened for longer. Perhaps when an interview runs much longer than an hour, it could be divided into two separate days. In any case, one of the things I REALLY like about RV is that your guests have time to really open up and give us their views and perspectives, and sometimes it takes a while to really get the flow going. Then just as it seems like it's getting to the really good parts, the interviewer calls time. I realize that often there are outside time constraints, but when they can keep going, and the flow is really working, please don't hesitate to let them run longer. On a separate note, I also really appreciate the variety of experts you have on. I listen to nearly all of them, and have learned a lot. Often about something that I didn't even realize I knew nothing about. Thanks, and keep up the great work!
    • PC
      Peter C.
      4 July 2020 @ 04:11
      I agree with everything Gordon said except just post it immediately as 2 parts.
  • DR
    Derrick R.
    3 July 2020 @ 23:27
    Well since you asked.. I’m a pro member and find the distillery newsletter invaluable for weeks where I didn’t get to watch all the content..
    • KS
      Karin S.
      4 July 2020 @ 00:04
      I wish I could, but I never have time to watch it all, so Distillery is great. I think 50 min is also a great idea.
    • RA
      Robert A.
      4 July 2020 @ 03:00
      Amen to that Derrick.
    • PC
      Peter C.
      4 July 2020 @ 04:07
      I'm slow so I need watch both the interview & gain from reading the recap lol
  • SB
    Steve B.
    4 July 2020 @ 04:03
    no to tactical trading content
  • BE
    Brent E.
    4 July 2020 @ 03:54
    Thanks for answering my question about books. You guys have to interview Michael Hudson.
  • es
    elizabeth s.
    4 July 2020 @ 03:39
    To my mind you can't have too much content and interviews can't go too long. I prefer stuff about macro and economics, rather than tactical trading. One suggestion I would make is that you try to define concepts as you go - eg always expand what you mean when you say 'fiscal' or 'monetary', or what you mean by 'capital account' or current account' a few words would help a lot. Some concepts are hard to embed when you are not working with them all the time. Your platform is really improving financial and economic literacy for many people and all newcomers will struggle with these core concepts. Love what you are doing though.
  • AJ
    Adam J.
    4 July 2020 @ 03:02
    RE time limits, I would be quite keen to see the Daily Briefing kept under 30 minutes max
  • CS
    Charles S.
    4 July 2020 @ 03:01
    Living "Dream Guest" -- how about Soros ? Not implying political opinion -- rather, to see how how he thinks macro these days
  • NC
    Nick C.
    4 July 2020 @ 02:48
    Ed, what an awesome pick for two people to interview each other. I was thinking Buffet because it’d be great to hear what he’s thinking about the marketing, but him interviewing Trump is definitely better than what I could’ve come up with for the second person! Awesome.
  • CB
    Chris B.
    4 July 2020 @ 02:43
    I am an Essential customer. For me, one high quality interview a day for 50 to 60 min is ideal. On occasion if it needs to go longer then great. BTW, Ed and Ash, you guys do a great job and enjoy your updates; clear, informative and crisp. It is obvious to me you take pride in your craft and it is much appreciated.
  • jR
    james R.
    4 July 2020 @ 02:37
    A great 4th?!? Lemme help the man of so many languages but lacks pride in the country that had given him more than he is wise enough to realize. Happy Independence Day America!
  • AR
    Anthony R.
    4 July 2020 @ 01:03
    Also, sorry for the continue requests. I would like to see Tony Deden again and see where he is in the global situation we have today.
  • AR
    Anthony R.
    4 July 2020 @ 01:01
    In addition to Jim Rickards and Harry Dent, how about Greg Mannarino. I've seen him in other interviews and he does behave as a guest.
  • MI
    Miloslav I.
    4 July 2020 @ 00:36
    I would like to ask you guys, when will you finally air that interview of Jim Rickards with Marshall Auerbach discussing MMT, its functionallity, flaws and probable usefulness. On 26.6. Jim Rickards wrote on twitter that RV doesnt want to release that interview. I think so many people would like to get an inside of both arguments especially in one interview, that way each side of the interview could argue against the other´s arguments
    • AR
      Anthony R.
      4 July 2020 @ 01:00
      I was just thinking that and for good measure throw in Harry Dent.
  • DR
    Dustin R.
    4 July 2020 @ 00:57
    Hi guys, FYI in case anyone on this thread finds it helpful, there is a crypto tax company called Taxbit that may come in handy. I came across them in a YouTube video with BlockFi recently, but have never been a client. Still good to know these types of entities are in place for crypto taxation. https://taxbit.com/ Happy a great 4th everyone and stay well
  • JN
    Jerrick N.
    4 July 2020 @ 00:56
    Yes bring on other perspectives! Just question them throughly
  • JN
    Jerrick N.
    4 July 2020 @ 00:54
    I agree with the idea of studying economic history. I'm just starting out and from what I can tell, history seems to be one if the most overlooked/interesting topics in finance. Fourth turning, and The Allegory if the Hawk and Serpent
  • BS
    Bevyn S.
    4 July 2020 @ 00:34
    In response to your questions about bringing outsiders into RVDB... Been pushing this from the start... Tactical traders / technicians are essential right now. Macro perspective is good for identifying long term trends in a low vol environment, but is not the most effective at making $ in a high vol / crisis environment after a panic (imo)
  • Np
    Nikos p.
    4 July 2020 @ 00:20
    Love them content always. Looking forward to the Mark Ritchie interview and yes big picture is important but it would be insightful to know how technicians work the markets intraday or multi day positions etc.
  • BS
    Bevyn S.
    4 July 2020 @ 00:13
    Highly recommend bitcoin.tax for crypto taxes .... I've used them for 4 years now
  • BL
    Bart L.
    3 July 2020 @ 23:59
    Generally prefer 1hr limit but if special event needs longer release it on a Friday or weekend. Really enjoy the daily briefing and macro format 1 special guest per week a good idea, and keep rotating Roger and Raoul in the mix Cheers
  • JC
    John C.
    3 July 2020 @ 23:58
    First, you guys do a great job. It’s brilliant content. My problem is I can’t watch it all. I think it would be helpful if at the beginning of interviews the interviewer would outline the scope of the interview and ask the guest if there are any issues/subjects that he/she would like to make sure get discussed. That way viewers have a better idea what to expect and can make better decisions about how to allocate time. Thanks.
  • AB
    Ash B. | Real Vision
    3 July 2020 @ 23:52
    Great comments so far: We very much appreciate the feedback.
  • DH
    David H.
    3 July 2020 @ 23:26
    My life is not just watching RV. That said, I do tend to watch everything (Plus level). I also try to follow HedgeEye. And, I have things to do besides full-time video watching. Yes, some content gets tedious. When videos get long, I am excited only if Raoul is a participant! So, please be careful to keep content tight.
  • SS
    S S.
    3 July 2020 @ 23:24
    Hope you guys have a great holiday. This is my comment. The RVDB needs to invite more women once in a while. I really like the Good Cop/Bad Cop interview style Max did with Ash. More balanced and really thought provoking.
  • DH
    David H.
    3 July 2020 @ 23:22
    For the tactical perspective, let HedgeEye do that work. Keep focused on Macro. That said, exposing us to the tactical side, including the technical analysts, is on-target. But, RV core is Macro for me.
  • KB
    Kevin B.
    3 July 2020 @ 23:12
    Bug report: Also I can’t comment in the app but can on the website version. (Welcome to delete after reading)
  • KB
    Kevin B.
    3 July 2020 @ 23:11
    Hi Guys I’d like to know how and the futures markets work as well as the pros and cons and the key difference between futures and open markets.
  • SP
    Simone P.
    3 July 2020 @ 23:03
    Agreed in keeping interviews under an hour. The crypto briefing was a fantastic format in that regard. Thank you again for putting that together. Speaking of which, expanding more into crypto would be great. It's undeniable it's gonna be big in the future, and not only for finance. You guys have the platform and the reach already. Nobody is doing a Real Vision of crypto yet, so who better than you ;)
  • ER
    Ernesto R.
    3 July 2020 @ 22:39
    https://youtu.be/-n4N2DNvPp8 they explain the taxes here for crypto go to crypto trader.tax is very easy