Making Sense of the FED’s Inflation Data

Published on
June 14th, 2021
41 minutes

Raoul Pal: Examining Shifts in the Global Macro Policy Paradigm

Making Sense of the FED’s Inflation Data

Daily Briefing ·
Featuring Ed Harrison and Ash Bennington

Published on: June 14th, 2021 • Duration: 41 minutes

Real Vision senior editor Ash Bennington welcomes Ed Harrison, managing editor at Real Vision, to the Daily Briefing to discuss the market’s reaction to last week’s CPI print as well as Bitcoin’s rebound. The pair will analyze the fall in bond yields and stock market growth as investors anticipate the FOMC meeting scheduled for Tuesday and continued dovish FED policies. Additionally, they will examine Bitcoin’s recent reversal as Paul Tudor Jones and Elon Musk publicly state their support.