“Our Conviction Is Very High”

Published on
September 15th, 2022
33 minutes

“Our Conviction Is Very High”

Daily Briefing ·
Featuring Eric Johnston and Andreas Steno Larsen

Published on: September 15th, 2022 • Duration: 33 minutes

U.S. equity indexes traded mixed Thursday, as investors priced in murky economic data and the reality that Jerome Powell’s Federal Reserve shall not pivot from its inflation-fighting stance. “We think the CPI report was very important for the market,” said Eric Johnston, the Senior Managing Director and Head of Equity Derivatives and Cross Asset at Cantor Fitzgerald. “It showed that inflation does not magically come down and you can’t get it under control with a soft landing, an unemployment rate below 4%, and the S&P 500 at 4,000.” Eric joins Andreas Steno Larsen for today’s Daily Briefing to talk about why equities are holding up so well with global growth increasingly impaired and financial conditions more and more restrictive. Eric and Andreas also discuss key levels for major asset classes and positioning dynamics amid the many prevailing global geopolitical-macroeconomic crosscurrents. We also hear from Jason Trennert about the structural factors that will keep inflation higher for longer. Watch the full conversation featuring Jason Trennert and Ash Bennington here: https://rvtv.io/3dfUHvY. And we want to hear from you too – please share your questions in the chat!